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About Willbott's 

At Willbott’s our focus is providing beautiful handcrafted, well-designed, durable and bespoke magical wands for all your Wizarding and Witching needs. 

A Willbott's wand is not merely a piece of magical wood; it is a gateway to the mind's power of imagination and creativity. It is a means of accessing your deepest thoughts and desires, expanding them and channeling this energy through an extension of the body: the wand. Willbott’s Wands are designed to be handled and loved, not just to be looked at.

If you would like to help us on our way you can either: Donate money straight to Willbott's or Purchase (receive a reward through pledging) a  Handcrafted Magical Wand or one of our Magical Packages. To do this simply look through our Wand and Package range below, let a Wand or Package choose you and then click on the Support Us button and choose the Reward with the Wand/Package you want.  

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Why would you want to buy a magical wand?

This is simply answered. Whether you are 5 years old or 89 years old, the beauty of the Magical World is that it is an ageless avenue to use your imagination through role play or storytelling and create memories with your children or friends that you can cherish forever. A handcrafted wooden wand is something that you can feel and hold - it is made to be used.    

What makes Willbott's Wands extra special is the simple fact that all the wood used in the manufacturing process is from an accredited  (FSC & PEFC) sustainably sourced, forest friendly wood merchant called G & S Specialist Timber, Tools and Machinery. At Willbott's making sure the magical forests of the world are properly managed and sustained is close to our hearts, therefore our future aim for our workshop is to be completely energy neutral, running everything through renewable energy sources: Solar Power and Wind.  


Photo Credit: Joshua Gooding

Willbott's Master Craftsmen 

William Willcher - pseudonym for Alastair Willy 

  • Wizard
  • Age: 28
  • From: Wiltshire
  • Wand: Oak, 13", Phoenix Tail Feather

Baldwin Bottler - pseudonym for Peter Bottley. 

  • Wizard 
  • Age: 27
  • From: Cambridgeshire 
  • Wand: Chestnut, 12.6'', Dragon Heartstring.

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Short History 

The business took inspiration and was formed following William's wedding, which was based around a Harry Potter theme. For the occasion, 120 handcrafted magic wands were given as favours to the guests. The wands were created by William and Baldwin. After receiving such complimentary feedback and requests for additional handmade wands, we decided to go into business together, thus Willbott's was formed.  


Photo Credit: Joshua Gooding

Willbott's Product Range

Willbott’s is made up of four core product lines: 

  • Origins Series 
  • The Seven 
  • The Wands Choice 
  • Magical Weddings and Parties. 

Origins Series

The aim of the Willbott's Origins Series is to make beautiful handcrafted wooden magical wands that are  accessible to all. These wands are made up of 10 designs that are split into two sub categories: William's and Baldwin's. These categories refer to the master craftsmen who designed and made the wands.

These wands use all of William and Baldwin's knowledge to create 10 outstanding magical wands. Whether you are destined for greatness, power or fame, each wand has been specially designed to play to a wizard or witches' strengths, whether they be charmers, transfigures or defenders, all the way to the very subtlest of elements. You can always count on a Willbott's wand. 

What comes with Origins Series:

  • Willbott's wand sleeve
  • Certificate of authenticity

The Origins Series Wands:

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William Willcher's Origins:


The Eloquence Wand - Crafted by William Willcher  

Wand Details: Beech - Dragon Heartstring - 13” - A little give

If you are ever in trouble or in need of a helping hand then you can’t go wrong with the Eloquence wand. However be warned, if you desire a darker side to life then this wand will take you perhaps further than you wanted to venture. This wand tends to favour a witch’s touch due to its need for a more mature mind from its first encounter.  The Eloquence lends itself to transfiguration, charms and if careless, the dark arts. This in turn can make for an exceptionally defensive wand. 

Makers Notes:

“Yes The Eloquence may have an eloquent name but this wand is something of a challenge when it comes to pairing. It dislikes uncertainty, weak minds and a lack of self confidence. However it is in the wand's subtleties where its true nature lies, able to turn its hand to any form of magic, but as I mentioned earlier take this wand down a dark path and you may just regret it.”


The Terrestris - Crafted by William Willcher 

Wand Details: Beech - Elf Hair - 13’’ - Strong Rigidity 

Terrestris is a potent and very powerful wand. It has no time for weak, narrow minds and soft hearts. A Terrestris wand is well suited to those who practice duelling. 

Makers Notes:

“What can I say, this wand is beautiful, powerful and strong-minded. It requires a witch or wizard to be courageous, bold and brave. Its exceptional power for defensive spells and counter curses is inspiring. If you meet a Terrestris owner be very careful not to insult them."


The Sablier - Crafted by William Willcher

Wand Details: Beech - Unicorn Hair - 12.6’', Hard

Prediction and time come hand in hand with the Sablier. If you are a dab hand at Divination then this wand may just be for you. The reason comes from its core and wand wood. The subtle nature of beech with the purity of unicorn hair and hourglass design make this wand truly unique. This wand is in tune with the witch or wizard’s immediate future, making it excellent for divination and charm work.  

Makers Notes:

“Well now the Sablier was actually an accident in design. I have used Beech and Unicorn Hair and a paring many many times but it was the wand’s design that drew out its nature. I was quite astonished when holding the wand that I could almost predict what every minute might consist of. Of course this is always a subtle art and you cannot rely on the feeling given off by the wand but it does open the mind very easily indeed.”


The Elemental Wand - Hand crafted by William Willcher 

Wand details: Beech, Unicorn hair, 12.6", with a tiny amount of give.

The Elemental wand draws its power through combining the purity of Unicorn Hair and the strength and hardness of the Beech wood. This is a loyal wand, not much use with the dark arts but excellent at charm and defensive spell work.    

Makers notes:

“This wand was named The Elemental owing to the fact that it is exceptional at manipulating the elements around you. The extraordinary power it has over fire and water is breathtaking. The Witch or Wizard who is destined for The Elemental will have a long and happy relationship, as long as you are loyal.”


The Fortis - Crafted by William Willcher 

Wand Details: Beech - Sphinx Hair - 13’’ - Strong

The Fortis wand is compelling, rich in understanding, artistic and wise. It therefore looks for these qualities in its partner. To wield a Fortis wand you must have a deep affinity to all things that grow. This wand will revel in charm and transfiguration work.

Makers Notes:

“I made the Fortis with the artistic witch or wizard in mind, for beech wands are some of the hardest to match but produce the greatest artistry in spell-casting. The Sphinx Hair core only adds to its subtlety and grandeur. Never break the trust of the Fortis wand.” 

Baldwin Bottler's Origins:



The Cerebellum - Crafted by Baldwin Bottler 

Wand Details: Beech - Sphinx Hair - 13'' - A Little Give 

A wand for the skilled and complex spell-caster. It bears up to any challenge with confidence, grace and power. The use of Sphinx hair only adds to its deep complexity and mastery of the mind and soul. This wand is ready to follow the witch or wizard it chooses to the very end.  

Makers Notes: 

“This has to be one of my favourites in the Origins series. Its power is incomprehensible when matched with the right witch or wizard. It is loyal to the very end and will turn its hand to any form of magic with apparent ease, therefore be sure you are able to match it or its power will dwindle.”


The Acula - Crafted by Baldwin Bottler 

Wand Details: Beech - Pixie Hair - 13'' - Pliant

If you are light of touch and quick-witted this wand may do you well. It is light, nimble and adaptable, able to turn to any form of magic you put it through. The other benefits of this wand are it's continuity and depth of power brought on through the use of Pixie hair. 

Makers Notes:

“People may say that Pixie Hair is an inferior wand core, however when paired with the correct wand wood and witch or wizard you will find its power to be formidable. The Acula wand loves to learn and so must always be challenged.” 


The Caudicula - Crafted by Baldwin Bottler

Wand Details: Beech - Unicorn Hair - 13'' - Strong

A wand of fairness and beautyThe combination of Unicorn hair and Beech wood make this one of the most pure and innocent wands around. This in turn makes it very difficult to turn this wand to the dark arts and therefore you must treat it with the utmost respect. The Caudicula is a true friend and companion, plus it excels at transfiguration.  

Makers Notes:

“A simple pleasure to work on. It almost starts singing when wand wood meets core. However this wand is notoriously difficult to match, so few seem to possess the qualities the wands needs. If you are chosen then your heart must be of pure gold.”


The Bellus - Crafted by Baldwin Bottler

Wand Details: Beech - Griffin Feather - 13'' - Supple

The guardian of all things, the Bellus wand is fierce and tactful. Its depths hold many powers within defensive and protective charms and spells. The owners are amongst the most humble and yet demand attention and respect. You must be of strong mind and know what you want or else the Bellus wand will leave you. 

Makers Notes:

“I find that Bellus wand owners find attracting friends very easy and it is to their benefit, for when there is a Bellus wand around you can be assured of some exquisite protection.”


The Celer - Crafted by Baldwin Bottler 

Wand Details: Beech - Dragon Heartstring - 13'' - Flexible

The Celer wand holds agility and true strength in spell-casting, especially adept at connecting to the witch or wizard’s mind which makes it excellent at non-verbal spells. The Celer also holds an advantage of a quick draw due to its design. A fine wand for a fine witch or wizard. 

Makers Notes:

“I was asked to design this wand for a very well-known competition dueller. He liked it so much that I decided to add this wand to the Origins series - although of course no two wands are ever the same. It does shine at charms and defence work.”

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The Seven 

The Seven are Willbott's finest class of wands. William and Baldwin have designed The Seven imbibing ancient magical properties, their own extensive knowledge of wand law and intricate hand crafted details, making them the finest wands money can buy. There will be 7 designs and each design will have just 7 wands available for purchase, making them truly rare. Once one design of the 7 has sold out it will be replaced with a brand new design, of which 7 wands will be available to own.

What comes with The Seven 

  • Willbott's wand sleeve
  • Willbott's handcrafted wooden wand box
  • Certificate of authenticity  

The Seven

We shall only be releasing 3 designs, if you want to see more Start Pledging.


The Celestial - Crafted by William Willcher

Wand Details: Cherry - Elf Hair - 12.6'' - Reasonably Flexible

The Celestial wand combining Cherry wood with Elf hair makes for a prestigious and highly sought after wand. It holds lethal power and strength within its depths. Dig a little deeper and you find a very loyal and innocent nature. The witch or wizard must equal the wand's power, strength and character in order to wield it. As the name suggests this wand draws power from the movement of planets, made possible with the use of Elf hair, whose magical powers have always been overlooked by the wizarding world. If you are chosen by the Celestial then it is clear you are on a path of great achievements. 

Makers Notes:

"Elf hair I find to be a beautiful wand core, it holds within it the subtle nature of an Elf and the incomprehensible power these creatures possess. Teamed up with Cherry wood, this wand must be respected and treated very carefully. It's strength lies in transfiguration, divination and defensive and offensive magic. Be warned if you desire this wand to go down a dark path then you must first understand the innocence of the Elf. It may just backfire on you."


The Nebuloso - Crafted by Baldwin Bottler

Wand Details: Sapele - Phoenix Feather - 13'' - Hint of Flex 

A wand that reveals what's within and forces it to come out. Let yourself flow with the Nebuloso and it will reveal itself entirely to you and watch as its abilities strengthen and grow as you do. The trust of this wand is hard-fought, it may take years before you are able to master the Nebuloso. Power, permission and adaptability all mark what this wand is capable of. You must be willing and able to trust the Nebuloso. 

Makers Notes:

"A very tricky wand to make and even harder to master. Its design only increases its power for its tip, rather than sending a spear like current out of the end, will cast a jet of immense power. You must therefore have the ability and determination to control it. The witch or wizard who is chosen must have patience and determination. If you are false, a cheat or a liar you would do well not to be chosen by the Nebuloso."


The Ossens - Crafted by Baldwin Bottler

Wand Details: Walnut -  Snake Spine - 13'' - Rigid

Something dark, something strong, forever evil....but perhaps things are not always as they seem. A wand that is steeped in magical folk law and history. They say that to use snake in any form of magic is to produce dark and dangerous magic. However this is misplaced, as with many things it depends entirely on the witch or wizard themselves to determine what is good and evil. The Ossens wand is nothing more than an exceptional wand. It's capabilities in transfiguration, defensive spells and charm work are first class. The power this wand holds will only show itself to those most daring. It is true that this wand must be challenged with the most complex magic, but nothing more than that.

Makers Notes:

"I find this wand core the strangest and perhaps the most controversial of all cores we use. However no one can deny the power and dexterity the Ossens possess. It is a master wand that could perhaps beat them all..."


The Orbus - Crafted by William Willcher

Wand Details: Maple - Phoenix Feather - 13'' - Rigid 

The Orbus is for the adventurer. A witch or wizard who lacks ambition and would rather stay at home will not get on with the Orbus. It is a wand of action, relishing new challenges and overcoming obstacles. The Orbus's illustrious handle of gold leaf and maple imbibe the minerals of the gold adding a true flare to spell-casting. It is loyal and devoted to the witch or wizard it has chosen and will grow with the abilities of its owner. This is a status wand and generally chooses high achievers. 

Makers Notes:

"Now the Orbus wand is one of my favourites! A true adventurers wand - in fact if you were to stay in one place and not move around a lot then the power of the Orbus will begin to diminish. It has a tendency to get bored you see. However, it is easily brought back up to full power with a change of scene and some new spell-casting. This wand is a loyal friend and will improve as your skills improve, releasing more of its potential."


The Seolfor - Crafted by William Willcher

Wand Details: Redwood - Thunderbird Feather - 12'' - Slight Give

A wand that could change your prospects for the better! The Silver leaf adds to the ability of this wand to increase its possessor's fortune. However, this is more likely due to the wand's choice of companion, who is destined for greatness, more so than the work of the wand. The wand is extremely in tune with the elements, especially wind and water. The unique nature of this wand to control these elements is staggering and if the wand's possessor uses this to their advantage then there isn't much this wand cannot do. 

With this said, the wand is particularly difficult to match owing to its high demand from its companion - you must be pure of heart.

Makers Notes:

"The Seolfor is capable of the greatest range of magic, and powerful magic at that. It favours those with pure spirits and strong minds. If you gain the trust and respect from the Seolfor wand it is safe to say you are destined for great deeds."


The Magister - Crafted by Baldwin Bottler

Wand Details: Sycamore - Unicorn Hair - 13'' - Flexible

The Magister asks no question except "please don't let me get bored." This is a wand of action, skill and adventure. Favouring a clear mind with purpose and ambition. The Magister is a wand for leaders or at least it chooses those who go on to be leaders. Be confident, true and ambitious and its likely The Magister will choose you.

Makers Notes:

"Highly sought after The Magister wand is one of beauty and strength. A very friendly wand, all it asks of you is not to have a dull life. You must think of wands as pets-they need regular exercise to keep them in tip top condition. If The Magister chooses you, be ready to be challenged and admired.”

The Helix:

The Helix Wand - Crafted by William Willcher 

Wand Details: Black Walnut - Dragon Heartstring - 13'' - Slight Flex.

The Helix wand is notoriously difficult to master. It dislikes inner conflict, weak minds and timid carriers. This wand is capable of great and powerful magic, able to turn its hand to any form of magic. The spiral enhances this and builds the energy produced. The witch or wizard who is chosen by this wand ought to know that if they are not strong of mind and character then the power of this wand will diminish. 

Makers Notes:

"The Helix got its name thanks to its spiral. The nature of spirals in wands is a very difficult, dangerous yet subtle application. Firstly you must understand that there are negative and positive spirals and the application of these is critical to the type of wand being made. A spiral increases the magical charge of a wand. This however does depend on the witch or wizard. The spell is channeled along the spiral track, building charge as it goes. This is both an advantage and disadvantage. It comes down to the witch or wizard's own power, focus and relationship to the wand. Things can go grotesquely wrong with a spiral wand if you are not truly at one with the wand. The power of The Helix lies in charm and defensive work."

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The Wands Choice

Willbott's understand that some witches and wizards desire a truly bespoke magic wand, therefore William and Baldwin offer The Wands Choice. This is a completely customised service where we ask you to tell us the qualities that make you who you are. There are many magical substances, creatures, woods and elements that make up wands. Willbott's knowledge and understanding means they know which elements needs to be paired with each individual witch or wizard who has ordered a bespoke wand. William and Baldwin use the clients answers coupled with their own mastery of wand craft to conjure up the properties and qualities that will reside within your wand (complete with drawings before crafting). Alternatively if you already have a design in mind for your wand, send it over and we will make it a reality.  

What comes with The Wands Choice

  • Willbott's wand sleeve
  • Willbott's handcrafted wooden box
  • Certificate of authenticity 
  • Willbott's badge 

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Wand Box:

The wand boxes are handcrafted from softwood with magnetised closure and lined with purple velvet or gold inlay.  

Photo Credit: Joshua Gooding

Magical Weddings and Parties

Magical weddings and parties is where Willbott's came into being, as mentioned earlier. This product line is for mass production for wedding favours or party gifts/props.

The packages can all be customised to suite the client's needs, however Willbott's offer base packages to get you started: 

Wedding Packages: 

  • 60 Handcrafted wooden wands
  • 80 Handcrafted wooden wands
  • 120 Handcrafted wooden wands

These packages are for Beech wood wands with a varnish finish and come just as they are. There are four wand designs available with the wedding and party Packages. 

A complimentary 'The Wands Choice' wand is gifted to the The Bride and Groom from Willbott's Wands.  

These packages and variants can all be completely customised to suit the client's needs, for instance: Wand woods, adding wand sleeves, adding sleeve and box, finishes and much much more. 

Party Package:

  • 20 Handcrafted wooden wands

As with the wedding packages these can be completely customised with finishes and accessories. 

Wedding and Party Wand Designs: 

Photo Credit: Joshua Gooding

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What We Want To Achieve

We want the crowdfunder to help grow and expand our business both through advertisement and investment. This is a start-up campaign to help us to raise funds to be able to buy the raw materials in bulk so that we are able to offer the widest range of products possible.   

Now its time for your Willbott's wand to choose you!

More updates, videos and pictures will follow once those Pledges start coming in........

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