Help Us Provide Psychotherapy and Workshops

by Kat Jackson in Ashover, England, United Kingdom



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WildMoorArts is passionate about mental health. In this climate it’s even more important that we offer the psychological support that we do.

by Kat Jackson in Ashover, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

It’s amazing that we hit our £4000 target and we are in awe at all of the support!

The stretch target of £7000 will allow WildMoorArts to bounce back harder and faster when lockdown has lifted. It’s a very young organisation and could do with all the support possible.

Not only can we continue offering therapy to all those that need it, the extra money will allow us to market the organisation more effectively, to create even better resources, and to reach many more individuals.

Thank you everyone for all of your support. It has been an incredible experience. 


WildMoorArts is so passionate about providing a high level of psychological mental health support to as many people as possible! The impact lock down is having upon so many peoples mental health is striking, and we want to be able to support these individuals in all the right ways.

We are running free Facebook support groups, and have adapted our therapy and two of our workshops so that we can run them via Skype. We are also offering free psychotherapy sessions to those in financial hardship. 

The link to our Facebook free support group

We know times are tough so many people so we are offering free psychotherapy sessions to those in financial hardship, and have halved the cost of psychotherapy to everyone else.

Any funds raised will go into ensuring that WildMoorArts can continue to grow and continue to support lots of people, pay affiliated psychotherapists for their time, ensure we can survive through this tough time and provide as many free therapy sessions to those who need it as we can. 

Our free group now has over 380 active members and we been hosting daily therapeutic activities, live video chats and advice sessions and it has also been a place for everyone to chat and support each other.

We’ve been doing free lives with qualified professionals to answer questions and support our community too.

 We are offering a few rewards - from our £5.00 e-books with 7 creative activities and therapeutic questions.

Kat’s hardback book, with over 45 therapeutic activities, perfect for practitioners and individuals.

And our activity packs, stuffed full with a booklet of activities and all the art materials you will need to complete them.

We have tragically had to cancel our Eco Art Workshops causing a loss of £6000 a month. Yet still had a huge pay out for equipments, and loss of deposits for locations, van hire etc.  However we want these to be available in the future, meaning we have to keep WildMoorArts going.

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