wildlife friendly forestry and firewood

by john lakeman in Brayford, England, United Kingdom

wildlife friendly forestry and firewood


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sustainably harvest timber and supply firewood whilst helping nature and wildlife by leaving healthy trees and building animal habitats

by john lakeman in Brayford, England, United Kingdom

I am a young, hardworking an motivated individual thats looking for help to turn my countryside passion into a environmentally friendly business that benefits wildlife and nature as well. 

i have started turning my business idea of forestry and logging recently into the most sustainable and lowest environmental impact way possible by instead of just cutting healthy perfectly good trees down for free i clear dead/storm damaged trees , dangerous  and cutting out the weak or struggling leaving room for healthy trees to flourish and give them a much better chance of survival and whilst on site clearing any trees use any small branches and unused timber to build habitats for hedgehogs , insects , ground nesting birds and any other wildlife also whilst there doing whatever i can to help wildlife by staying clear of deer tracks and nesting grounds and setting up bird boxes 

also i plan on a 2 to 1 re plantation as well so for every one tree i cut down (if it was dangerous or no saving it ) replant 2 

i want to use the idea of helping wildlife and nature to create a business by using any dead or damaged trees i clear to sell for milling , processing, wood-chips or to turn into logs to sell 

i have acquired permission from a few sites to clear the dead and storm damaged trees across the southwest that would keep me busy for the next 4 to 5 years and have started building up a customer base which is growing and customers love the environmentally friendly side of it  bringing business a lot more attention 

i have used this business idea to help local communities as well by offering discounts on firewood for key workers , nhs staff and the elderly or struggling families and donated wood chippings to parks , footpaths and allotments 

my goal is to create the most nature friendly forestry and firewood processing business in the country  

any money i can raise will benefit my mission massively and i will use the money in the following ways 

1. help buy the tools and equipment to make the process safer and easier 

2. help fund buying saplings for replanting

3. making of bird boxes and wildlife habitats 

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