Creating a new Social Circle for Local Women

Creating a new Social Circle for Local Women

Wildflowers of Lewisham: Let's Create a Social Circle For Ladies Based in South East London.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

What is it all about?

London can be lonely sometimes. We would like to make our local community stronger and create a group of like-minded individuals who meet up on a regular basis to discuss themes, give each other advice, learn new skills and more importantly have a giggle. Each meet-up will be based on a different theme and we will have guest speakers/experts who will help to impart knowledge of their chosen field. The events will be held on monthly at the Good Hope Cafe in Ladywell.

Why it's a great idea:

The idea of 'Wildflowers of Lewisham', is going to break down silos and ensure that a welcoming environment is created, where ladies can get together with similar individuals. You will acquire new skills and be encouraged to indulge in self-improvement in relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.

  • Create Women's collective/ comunity
  • Encourage upskilling of members
  • Engage key speakers and experts to be involved with the group
  • Find a regular venue in and around the Lewisham Area to hold the event