Wilder Ways - mentoring in community

by Wilder Ways in Falkland, Scotland, United Kingdom

Wilder Ways - mentoring in community


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To help ensure the continued delivery of mentoring in community to young people in Fife.

by Wilder Ways in Falkland, Scotland, United Kingdom

What is Wilder Ways?

Wilder Ways is a rites of passage school run two days a week for young people aged 11-16. Wilder Ways offers place based education. We have a woodland base camp on Falkland Estate, Fife and we also wander widely through out Fife and Scotland.

At our heart the encompassing principles of connection to ourselves, our community and our landscapes are our guiding and grounding forces.

Inspired by the 8-shields movement, permaculture and non violent communication we have built a curriculum that looks to nature as our teacher. The role of the mentor is to create a space for everyone to travel through together and in their own way with empathy and compassion.  Through these connections we support each person to discover their own interests and gifts.

At our basecamp and on regular field trips we foster a sense of place by exploring and discovering the stories of our history, culture and ecology, our trees, rivers, weather patterns, animals and people.

The experiences and opportunities of being outside in a woodland environment over a long period of time have deep impacts on our social and emotional well being.  Some of the things we get up to include sitting around a fire talking and laughing, exploring plants as our medicine and food, fishing and eating our catch on the beach, camping under the stars.

Where It Started

Wilder ways started with a yearning to live more fully, a desire to rethink education and nurture our young people in nature, and the courage to imagine sustainable communities.

Supported by community, a core group of us spent a year meeting, visioning and designing what became a very successful pilot year. One that nurtured and grew 10 young people and many adults that acted as mentors, skillsharers, volunteers and visitors along the way.

Why It Works?

Wilder Ways works for the young people because they are held in a way that allows them to stretch themselves and grow as human beings. Their minds, bodies and hearts are challenged and encouraged to build relationships – we spend a lot of time laughing. Over the last year a deep bond has formed between them, their camp and their community.

Why Are We Crowd-Funding?

The fees we charge don't cover the main costs of running the school. And as we grow we would like to develop our model, offer more opportunities for practical skills, become more accessible and to offer a sliding scale of prices. 

What Will Your Donation Do?

Your donation will enable us to offer subsidised places to families currently wanting this mentoring for their child but are unable to pay.

Your donation will go towards paying mentors and developing our model to become financially sustainable.

Thank you for reading all about us!

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