Wildcraft Brewery

Wildcraft brewery has been born out of a love for wild, foraged ingredients, many of which will be used in our beers. Join us as we grow...

We did it!

On 17th Jun 2016 we successfully raised £21,998 of £20,000 target with 331 supporters in 63 days

New stretch target

Overfunding will allow us to reach our objective of being a completely green company.

This will allow us too:

Water filtration plant - The average pint of beer has taken 8 pints of water to make, much of which goes down the drains. We want to install a plant that will clean this water and allow us to reuse for cleaning and also for irrigation of our crops.

Solar power - we will be able to install solar panels, harnessing the energy of the sun to cut down our carbon footprint and save energy.

Build composters to reuse our waste, converting it into energy and using the composted grains as a nutrient rich feed for the crops we grow to use in our beers.



Wildcraft Brewery needs you!! Support us in our mission to bring foraged ingredient beers and spirits to the people of Norfolk.


 A little bit about us...

Wildcraft brewery has been born out of a love for wild, foraged ingredients, many of which will be used in our beers. We want to create unique, amazing tasting ales, that will blow you away.  As well as the english favourites, we will be brewing craft ales using techniques from as far away as Belgium to create amazing flavoured, fruit beers, all fresh from Norfolk.

We are passionate about only using locally sourced ingredients and our customers will play a massive part in foraging, growing and providing the ingredients we use. We will pay them for their time and efforts of course!

When we do need extra ingredients, we will only source from local suppliers, feeding back into the local economy and keeping all our drinks 'born in Norfolk'.




Wild about foraging, creating new and exciting products and our customers!

Wildcraft will be one of the only brewerys in Norfolk using only foraged and locally grown ingredients in all of their beers. All products will be vegan and we will cater for the coeliac community. They are also the first brewer to take into account customers preferences by getting them to have a say in the styles of brew they are creating and what we should supply their local pub with. This coupled with our ‘brew day experiences’ will make us unique in a landscape that has seen many breweries set up in Norfolk over the past 2 years.

On top of this, no other micro-brewery in Norfolk has its own distillery attached. We will be creating our own, unique drinks that will fit into a niche area of the market that is currently making gains, without directly competing with the other local spirit producers.  



 What people have said...

     'the flavours are great and distinctive' - Galton Blackiston, Michelin Star Chef

     'they all really had a great taste and were so clear too' - Sadie Skipworth

     'Amazing beers, great spirits' - Customer at one of our tastings

     'we would buy everything here if we could' - Customer at one of our tastings



Green energy...

We are aiming to be a carbon neutral brewery, off grid capable within 5 years. All our energy will be green renewables in that time and we will be pioneering new energies and technology. Our large CO2 by-production will be used and harnessed into saleable plants and bonus by-product oxygen.

How will your pledges help?

The money you pledge will allow us to take a massive step forward in our production following the conversion of our barn into a bespoke brewery and distillery. 

We can only currently brew in 100l batches making it almost impossible to have a sustainable business. Your pre-orders will allow us to convert the bard and bring in industrial plant so that we can ensure that we can brew enough to get our beers in your local pub. 

The good life...

We have space to offer unique experiences, from foraging, horticulture and animal husbandry lessons, for those looking into the “good life”, to small music festivals and camp and brew weekends


Our Beers...

 We currently have 7 ales, 3 of which are shown below.  Click on the image to see our range...

You can find out more about us at www.wildcraftbrewery.co.uk.

Get involved in our next free tasting event is on the 30th May (bank holiday Monday) in Vudu on Prince of Wales Road in Norwich, 1pm -5pm.


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