Wild Woods Camping

Wild Woods Camping

Wild Wood Camping .... Where to start? Well the idea is simple- raise money to buy a small woodland and turn it into a wild camping site.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Wild Wood Camping .... Where to start?  Well the idea is simple - to raise money to buy a small woodland and turn it into a wild camping experience for those who enjoy photography, bird watching or just getting away from it all and relaxing with nature ...  

The whole point of the project is to open a small 'environmentally low impact' campsite for adults in a wild enviroment were nature and wildlife come first.  A place where I and like minded others can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet of the woods.

-  Things I want to do;

  • Keep disturbances to wildlife minimal
  • Promote wildlife diversity by encouraging more species to settle in the woods
  • Only remove timber needed to run the site manually (no chainsaws or machinery)
  • Promote green ideology
  • Only use enviromentally sound cleaning and washing products
  • Get RSPB, Woodland trust  and other wildlife groups involved 

So as not to disturb the wildlife the amount of pitches would be limited to 1 person to every acre of wood.  To keep the woods as wild as possible we would be off grid and incorporate compost loos, solar panels for power and a rain water collection system for washing and cleaning . Sorry no showers to begin with but would look at installing a solar shower as the site progresses, it is going to be wild camping after all.

The site I have in mind is 14 acres and costs £175,00.00.  I plan to invest £75,000.00  which I can get together through a combination of savings, and money already pledged by family.  I will then top it up with the money raised here to set up the site.  In the future ( i'm not getting any younger - almost 50! ) when the site is well-established and self-sustaining I intend to transfer ownership to a charitable trust so that a small part of the countryside will always be available for future generations to enjoy.

I'm not going into this for the money and will only ever take a living wage for running the site.  All profits will be reinvested into the woods or used to purchase another site to open up more woodland  for the enjoyment of all.

It's early days - I will put up more info soon as my plans start coming together and hopefully with your support this will become a reality rather than a dream...

Many thanks Darren