Wild Wings Birds of Prey

To provide a a Medical Facility and Safe Housing to allow the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and unwanted Birds of Prey.

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Project aim

To provide a a Medical Facility and Safe Housing to allow the rescue and rehabilitation of sick, injured and unwanted Birds of Prey.


 Baby Barn Owls Muffin & Biscuit, from a confiscation hand reared by us from a couple of days old. Rosie - Harris Hawk, her owner wouldn't provide treatment so signed over to the Centre. Wild Kestrel with broken wing & Harriet - Peregrine kept in a plastic pet carrier unable to even open her wings.


About the project

Wild Wings is Not for Profit  Centre  providing  a 24/7 rescue and rehabiltation service for sick, injured, neglected or unwanted Birds of Prey.  We respond to many calls for help from members of the public who have tried other Organisations who do not offer a rescue service for Birds of Prey.  Care is provided to nurse sick and injured birds back to health with the ultimate goal of returning them to the wild.  We also provide care for escapee birds that they may be reunited with their owners.  Many birds are found in an injured, neglected or distressed condition and expert help is required to maximise their survival chances.  Specialist knowledge is required to handle, feed and care for these birds and our team have many years knowledge and experience in this. We are governed by DEFRA and the Local Licencing Authority and hold all other relevant licences and insurance.


Working  closely with Wildlife officers, Ringing Groups and Wildlife Crime units as well as offering support to bodies such as the RSPCA and Veterinary Surgeries who often have members of the public taking injured birds to them.  We work with a specialist Avian Vet and some of the team have undertaken Avian First Aid Courses to allow immediate treatment allowing the best chance of recovery and survival, as well as providing ongoing treatment and care after Vet appraisal and surgery or treatment.

Our work with the Ringing groups provides support when they encounter Adult and Fledgling Birds of Prey such as Peregrines and Barn Owls, encountering difficulties or  are found with injuries.  Many of these birds are now back in the wild  after treatment and care at the Wild Wings Centre.  The team have also been able to release wild Tawny Owls, Little Owls, Kestrels & Sparrow Hawks, to name but a few, back to their natural environment.

We also provide Educational facilities on and off site,  to educate adults and children alike regarding the care, welfare and environmental advantages regarding Birds of Prey.  In reaching out to the public the Centre hopes to overcome iignorance and prejudice towards these birds which are a necessary part of the ecological system.  This also offers the opportunity for people to see and learn about these beautiful birds, which they may otherwise never see. Also providing Educational sessions for children and adults with special needs, disabilites and sight impairments as well as those from underpriveledged backgrounds, as well as going into Carehomes and Hospices.


We currently have in our care approx 95 birds which include Many Species of Owls, Hawks, Falcons & Eagles.  Some of these birds have disabilities that mean that they are not wanted by former Owners but we can still provide them with a great quality of life. Each and every bird has their own amazing personality but without our care the alternative is not one we wish to consider.


We are a Not for Profit Organisation and have applied for full Charity Status, The Centre relies heavily on Volunteers and have provided placements for students and school leavers to gain further experience to progress to a career within Zoos and as Veterinary Surgeons,  with 2 full time staff currently working for free, who have invested all of their own funds to continue with the care and services the Centre provides.

After a Forced relocation we are now building a New Centre to house and care for these birds.  We need your help to fund this. The Centre has had very little income since having to close back in March and to enable us to finish the Centre and be issued with our new Licence (you cannot  transfer a previous Licence to new premises).  We still need to build our Medical facility along with an Education room and further housing for the birds. Please help -  Without this the Centre will struggle to survive. 




 Enapay -  Gyr/Saker Falcon Blind in one eye and deaf in one ear after attack by another bird.  Charity - Buzzard, found tangled in a tree needing a 5 hour rescue proceedure, damage to one eye.    Wild Tawny Release by a member of the public who brought the bird in to us after it was hit by a car. Blaze Goshawk - recovered by Wild Wings from a wood - no longer wanted by his owner. Young Cygnet found injured on road nobody else would respond.  Harry - Harris Hawk, neglected and terrified, with no tail & Miss Daisy - Goffin Cockatoo - neglected for over 20 years kept in appaling conditions.  Happy to say all fully recovered and either returned to wild or have permanent home with us.

Just some of the birds we have been able to help - please help us to keep helping them - Thank You.


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