Kido Foundation

To create a better future and hopefully better laws to protect sea turtles within the Caribbean.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Every year between march and september large prehistoric beasts emerge from the depths of the ocean to lay hundreds to hopefully a thousand eggs in a nesting season. Many people travel far and wide to see this magnificent event as many have only had the priveledge to see it on television and documentaries.

However what many people do not know about are the stuggles the sea turtles around the world - in this case Carriacou, Grenada. I worked with the Kido Foundation in 2012 helping to protect and preserve these wonderful creatures from being slaughtered out of pride, boasting rights, consumption and profit. Current there is still a sea turtle hunting season 8 months out of the year, excluding Leatherback sea turtles which are supposed to be protected year round, attempting to protect the sea turtles during their peak of nesting season from May through August but it is not enough and very little is done policing these efforts. As you can see in the video connected to the project that protection can easily go unnoticed.

Kido Foundation is a non-profit organization that operates out of Carriacou, Grenada as an ecological research station, wildlife rehabilitation center, animal sanctuary and environmental  education facility. Now as I am returning to assist with this amazing organization to help protect these amazing beings again I would like to create a documentary on their efforts, the island and the issues that prevent proper protection before it is too late. This funding will go towards the production of this documentary to help promote awareness and protect the Carribean sea turtle populations. Only £2000 is needed for the documentary and crowdfunding expense purposes the remainder and any other doations will go directly to the Kido Foundation and their conservation efforts.