Wild Peanut Foods

Wild Peanut Foods

Wild Peanut Foods is an engaging peanut-based food brand, committed to innovation and helping regrow communities in the African Drylands.

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A peanut butter-based food brand committed to innovation and helping regrow communities in the African Drylands.

We've been making industry changing flavored natural peanut butter for the last 2 1/2 years with an overall goal of creating a brand and connects with communities that are affected by food production, alongside with customers through being more than just a food brand. Our growth has seen us sell over 1 million jars worldwide, and we are only just getting started!


The Story so far....

2 1/2 years ago we set out on a journey to be the most diverse, innovative peanut butter based brand in the world, and to help change the lives substantially of communities who have been damaged by the growth of products like palm oil in their environment. 

Our founder, Akeem Ojuko, started with a dream after his love for peanut butter led to noticing that every brand choice either had palm oil, artificial ingredients or sugar in the product or didn't have a flavour with the innovation that millions of people do worldwide when eating peanut butter.  And so it started!


Through the popularity of our brand innovation and our mission being bigger than our brand, we are pleased to say that we have gone from a single kitchen and an idea to being in over 4,100 stores in 8 countries. Our aim is to be in over 10,000 stores worldwide by 2019 - this goal can only be reached with great people like you. 

We are in the following retailers and we have only just begun. 


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Our Project (The Problem)


Palm Oil Touches our lives more than you may think. Actually, it does every time you make a trip to the supermarket. Palm Oil is found in a range of foods including ice cream, cookies, biscuits, drinks, cereals and even 'healthy' breakfast bars. But why is this a problem? Well, this causes a few issues....



We understand at that people don't generally go out there way to hurt the environment, however, unfortunately, allot of the everyday items we buy are not sustainable;
The Wild Peanut take pride in being different. We only source products in ethical ways and given our goal is to help stop many issues that currently happen, you can be sure that when you buy a wild peanut butter there's no harm to the environment just great natural peanut butter with a unique mix of flavours.

The Cost (The Solution)

Our aim is to be able to complete our product development for our new coconut peanut butter, flavored peanut porridges & milkshakes, alongside a large scale label amendment to allow us but for the foreseeable future. To be able to do this we need your help. With £40,000 we will:

  • To be able to complete product development for our new coconut peanut butter, peanut porridges & milkshakes.
  • To make a large-scale label amendment to allow us to sell in even more countries - to help get our products to you faster!
  • To set up a cost management program to allow us to automatically help fund and support communities in the African Drylands with brilliant charities such as TREEAID.
  • Grow an amazing ambassador team (all of you!), to help shape  Wild Peanut Foods through 2018 and beyond!
  • To allow us to continue to support our annual distribution to the homeless charity CRISIS on our short dated products.

Our Future

Our new products

We are excited that we are close to launching our new ranges - and with your help this can be brought to life in January 2018!

These include:

1. Peanut Punch - Peanut Butter Chocolate and Peanut Butter Original flavours - perfect on the go drink - high in protein, zero nasties!


2. Our Peanut Butter Coconut flavour! Our first new flavour in 2 years comes with popular demand.

3. 45g jars - With the aim to be the first widely distributed peanut butter mini jar in the world. Our jars are ideal for gift packs and on the go samples or even for a lunch box. With your help we can scale the growth of these jar size. 


#BeWild Experiences - Our Pop Up Events!

Beyond selling great products, we want to grow our brand to be more than just jars and bottles. 

With your help we can create a culture and a movement, through exciting plans such as:

  • Exclusive #bewild events - free food, free drinks, networking, listen to great speakers, learn how to cook peanut butter inspired dishes from great chefs and more. 
  • Monthly product calls with you (yes you!) - to help us innovate on our next products moving forward
  • Monthly peanut butter deliveries


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