Wild Ones Enclosures Startup

by WildOnesEnclosures in Ebbw Vale, Gwent, Wales

Wild Ones Enclosures Startup
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On 7th September 2017 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporters in 42 days

Secure a deposit and rent for a small workshop space and tools to produce welfare driven, high quality animal enclosures.

by WildOnesEnclosures in Ebbw Vale, Gwent, Wales


This might be a long shot but i have nothing to lose.

Im Luke Hopkins and Im trying to start a small business producing bespoke animal enclosures with my life partner Chloe Bowen.  Our business is called Wild Ones Enclosures and it has only been live on facebook www.facebook.com/wildonesenclosures  for around a week at the moment,  our page has had a good response already which has made us even more driven and determined to make this work. 

We offer completely bespoke made-to-order animal enclosures that are specifically designed with what's best for your pet as the main drive and focus.  The pet industry is a growing sector, and with more and more scientifically backed studies relating to animal sentience and their ability to feel emotions and have a level of  awareness that we previously did not realise it is only relatively recently the need for drastic changes in the way we keep pets has become apparent.  Rabbit hutches are being sold in huge retailers that do not allow rabbits to even take three hops in one direction, let alone travel the miles  and dig the intricate tunnel systems that naturally living rabbits would.  Hamster tubs and wheels that trap and injure pets are being sold and are sometimes smaller than the laptop your are possibly reading this post on. We could rant for too many words on the state of a lot of pet shops, but instead we are trying to do something about it by providing the products, that cater for the behavioural, social, physical and psychological NEEDS of your pets.

. Wild Ones Enclosures plan to create homes, environments and natural landscapes that any animal will love and thoroughly enjoy every aspect. 

We are privelidged to have gained an oustanding level of teaching in Animal Health & Welfare which gave us the oppurtunity to enter full time work as Animal Care Technicians in the facility where we studied (*Non-animal testing facility in case there are any alarm bells ringing!*)

Our experience gained from our own passion for providing the best for our own pets and animals that we cared for in work  have highlighted day to day problems that can occur whilst caring for animals and as a result, we have a bank of solutions that we will incorporate into every design to allow for easy cleaning, maintenance and parasite treatment/prevention. 

We also appreciate the desire for customers to have a large input in the design of products that are going to be used for their much loved extended furry, scaly  or feathered family members.  We are very open to unique and creative ideas, we're in the process of finding reliable sources of recycled and eco friendly materials for building our enclosures.  We would also love to get into traditional eco friendly builds using local natural materials like cob, clay and straw. 

We will also offer a full aftercare package with any orders, giving new animal keepers detailed advice on how to best care for their new friends if needed. 

We have so many designs we would love to make happen for:

chicken cabins, duck dormers, tortoise and turtle havens, "Catios" and catwalks, mutt huts, outdoor cat dens, rabbit gardens and exotic paradises. 

At the moment we are working from a small home workshop space with very basic power tools.  We would use the money raised by this crowdfunder to secure a deposit and 6 months rent for a small industrial workshop space, and to purchase the tools and materials that would aid us in this new venture. 

Our long term plan that extends from the enclosure side of Wild Ones that we are driven to fulfil.......

Having more than an indoor workshop space with room to raise some animals of our own and to start a permaculture project which we hope to eventually invite local community groups, disabled charities and youth groups to join us for workshops, volunteer schemes and events that will promte a low impact, ethical way of living that benefits all areas of a community..... 

I really hope that the ultimate goal isnt too far away, if Wild Ones Enclosures grows like we hope it will, we shouldnt be waiting too long.

This goes to all friends, family and anybody that wants to help us acheive our goals and see what we envisage as an amazing project.

Please get in touch with any questions at all you may have, or if you know of any cheap workshop space available.

We will happily talk with you. 

Thanks in advance guys!

Luke Hopkins and Chloe Bowen

Wild Ones Enclosures


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