Wild Finca

by Wild Finca in Asturias, Spain

We did it
On 31st October 2020 we successfully raised £21,717 with 557 supporters in 14 days

Wild Finca are looking to raise funds to protect agricultural land from overgrazing, pesticide/herbicide use & future development.

by Wild Finca in Asturias, Spain

New stretch target

With any extra funds we will be able to purchase even more land surrounding Wild Finca, from chestnut woodland to meadows and scrub. This will mean we can protect more land from potential overgrazing, clearance and development.

A recent study showed that with the current expansion and population trends of the Cantabrian brown bear, within the next decade we could be welcoming this iconic creatures to Wild Finca, imagine that!

Our main aim for Wild Finca is to preserve nature for the future, with the current global climate, it has never been more important to conserve nature, not just in far flung areas such as Asia and Africa but in Europe too. 

Wild Finca currently covers just under 18 acres of mixed land from thick scrub to open meadows. An old intensively managed cattle farm which we are in the midst of returning to nature. 

We have been approached by the owner of a large area of land around Wild Finca who wishes to sell. Someone else has approached her to purchase it for cattle farming but as it borders us we have first refusal for 2 weeks. This is likely the only time in our lifetime this land will be available to purchase. 


Asturias is a wild place but like much of the world things are changing. Forests are being removed, land is burned and cleared for both grazing and crops. Our dream is to protect a little swathe of land for the future. We come from the UK which has lost, and continues to lose so many species. 

Here in Asturias the declines are evident too, but red backed shrikes, turtle dove and quail are just a few examples that still cling on (this year 2 pairs of red backed shrike bred at Wild Finca). Wolves still roam the mountainsides, and perhaps in years to come the Cantabrian brown bear will find its way here.

We understand the cultural importance of small scale agriculture and for that reason, to keep Wild Finca a varied mosaic of habitats we have a small flock of the Asturian Xalda sheep & a pair of one of the oldest horse species in the world, Pliny & Pear our Asturcon ponies. 


Various orchids and wild irises are just some of the wild flowers that can be found across the land. Wasp spiders can be found in the meadows, whilst marbled white butterflies & marsh fritillaries flit above the flowers. 


Our aim is to not only preserve an area for nature, but to welcome people here to immerse themselves in nature, be it studying & recording the flora & fauna to just sitting and soaking up the sights, smells and sound. Our passion is to get the next generation excited by wildlife - both here in Spain & across the rest of Europe. To stumble across a Seoanei's viper in the gorse, or sit amongst the wild oregano as a short toed eagle hovers overhead. 


Wild Finca will never physically cover thousands of acres, but we would like it to become an example for others so we can have a network of wild spaces across Europe that perhaps combined will cover thousands of acres. 

As Jane Goodall said;

"I like to envision the whole world as a jigsaw puzzle... If you look at the whole picture, it is overwhelming and terrifying, but if you work on your little part of the jigsaw and know that people all over the world are working on their little bits, that's what will give you hope."

We have invested a lot of our own finances into this project and continue to do so, but with time pressures on newly available land, we simply do not currently have the funds to purchase it for the future so are launching this crowdfunder. 

Although we will be the owners, we want the land to be available to people from all walks of life to come and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of nature. So anyone who pledges and finds themselves here will always welcome to join us for a picnic and a nature walk around Wild Finca.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£1 or more


Wild Finca is home to glow worms, on their own they might not shine the brightest light, but since we took on Wild Finca their numbers are growing and they pepper the land like fairy lights. Your pledge will help hugely and for it we will add you to a mailing list where we will give monthly updates on the goings on at Wild Finca, photos, mini films and snippets of the nature that calls here home.

£10 or more

Seoanei Viper

Wild Finca is home to the endemic Seoanei's viper, a stunning snake that forms an important part of the ecosystem. For your kind donation we will add you to our mailing list for monthly updates PLUS access to a photo of Wild Finca to be used as screensavers/wallpapers for your phone or computer.

£50 or more


We have captured Genet on our camera trap here at Wild Finca. These amazing critters were introduced to Spain in 700AD by the Moors as rat catchers and have now spread across Spain. You will receive all of the previous perks PLUS a postcard with a personalised message from us at Wild Finca.

£100 or more

Red-backed Shrike

Wow! Thanks for being so generous. For this we would love to send you an A3 print of Wild Finca in all its glory. Plus you will get added to our mailing list for monthly updates on the project.

£500 or more

Egyptian Vulture

Wild Finca hosts a pair of Egyptian vultures each spring and summer when they migrate north after spending the winter in Africa. So for your amazing gesture we would love to host you for a dinner here at Wild Finca, a tour of the project and a day out in the nearby Picos de Europa National Park to see what we can find. This reward will be available for the next 24 months (taking into account the current Covid restrictions).

£2,000 or more

Golden Eagle

Every now and again the resident Wild Finca corvids go crazy and a shadow passes overhead, we are privileged to welcome golden eagles as visitors to Wild Finca. This is an incredible gift from you to nature and for that we will offer you all the previous perks PLUS we will plant a tree of your choice (from a selection of native species) and place a plaque with your name (or someone dear to you) alongside it.

£5,000 or more

Brown Bear

One day we hope to welcome brown bears to Wild Finca, we've already began planting more fruit & nut trees in preparation. With this incredible pledge, it will secure the future of Wild Finca. For this we will give you all the previous perks PLUS the opportunity to name a segment of Wild Finca something of your choosing and we shall place a picnic bench with plaque there. This will go on to a map that we are creating of Wild Finca.

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