Wiktoria Tracz - My First Studio Album

by Wiktoria Tracz in Wallington, England, United Kingdom

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My biggest dream is to release my first album. The album has in purpose to present the connection between the old and the young generation.

by Wiktoria Tracz in Wallington, England, United Kingdom

Hi, I’m Wiktoria and I’m 15 years old. Currently I study at The BRIT School in London, where I study music. Music is my life and from a very young age I’ve been working on my music career. I’ve been singing on many music festivals around the Europe, where I got a lot of experience on stage.


1535541564_D6AB777F-210E-4D0B-ADAA-851C3Stage is my second home together with the joy of sharing 

My music with others is the best thing in the world. Also, I have experience of performing on television where I promoted my music work.



I write my own songs, however I am still improving my songwriting skills.

In my repertoire, I have a couple of songs written by me or for me. I have the honor of working with the polish songwriter Krzysztof Dzikowski, who helped me start. I’m also colaborating with other producers. 

The song ''Beat Is Off” is my first song where I co-wrote the lyrics and music. I also self-produced the whole music video for the song at my school with a little help from my friends:


I was a semi finalist on the TV show ''The Voice Kids in Poland'' where I gained more experience and met many new people from the industry. My journey throughout the program was amazing and I will never forget it.1535542387_C9143313-0942-4055-8066-3EC96


My biggest dream is to release my first album, because that would help me with my music career and would encourage me to make even more music. 

My target is 10,000 which will contribute to the whole Recording process, CD production, distribution and graphic materials for marketing and promotion. 

The album is aimed in showing the connection between the old and the young generations. The 10 songs that will be placed on the CD will be the songs written for me and some old songs written by the same legendary songwriter who has written songs for me in the past. I want to bring the old songs back plus add the new ones and create something fantastic that both generations will enjoy.

The idea of linking these two generations is really interesting and I hope that people will like this idea, because it’s the way of showing that young people still remember the work created by music legends.

The idea for the CD cover is me representing the young generation and inside there will be another photo of me and the songwriter who I’m working with that will represent the connection between the two.

To fulfill this idea I need to have a professional photo shoot, as the picture used for the album has to be good and high quality. 

After we done that, I will give the photos to a Graphic designer, who will photoshop and enhance them and add the right fonts etc.

What’s most important in the Recording process is a studio and a crew, which is quite expensive, because my album will contain 10 songs, which will take me quite a bit of time to record. I always take care of every detail, because I want the finished product to be professional. Other than the studio fee I need some new arrangements for the songs, which will also cost me. 

Next, we will have to Distribute and Promote our product. We want it nationwide and put it into shops that will sell the album. To do that I need funds, because as a lesser known artist it’s not that easy. 

I am a young, hard working girl with a lot of potential and I hope a lot of talent !!! so if you enjoy my positive energy and love my music please help me to fulfill my dream and make a pledge. Remember any help is one step forward!!! 

You can find me on:

Best Wishes,

Wiktoria xxx


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