Wigginton Village Shop

Wigginton Village Shop

To build a community run village shop on the sports field in Wigginton Village, run by the community for the benefit of the whole community.

We did it!

On 6th Mar 2018 we successfully raised £163,100 of £136,000 target with 168 investors in 35 days
Community Share Project

New stretch target

We are overwhelmed by the response to the share offer, and have now reached our minimum target of £136,000 - a huge thank you to you all.

The point of this shop is that we as a community own it. With this in mind, and having spoken to our community shares expert, we have taken the decision to keep our March 6th deadline, and extend the share offer target to make sure that all the people that have expressed interest, and all those that thought they had until the 6th March to make their decision, have the opportunity to invest to become a founding member.

This is now shown as a 'stretch target' on Crowdfunder, and the maximum target is now set at £179k (the grand total needed to build the shop).

Please be assured that this isn't a new share offer target. It has been reset to enable the Crowdfunding site to allow more founding members to invest. Anything we raise above and beyond the original target (£136k including match fund) means that we rely less on the other sources of finance (grants and loans) and keep more of the financial interests of the shop within our community.

Your investment and support is incredible. Thank you

Thank you for getting this far and visiting our page to make your investment.

Above: an artist's impression of our wonderful shop

Why you should invest

‘So much more than a shop’

The Wigginton Village Shop will be a place to have a natter, a cup of tea with friends, and make new ones; as well as a place to shop for staples and quality local produce.

It will be at the heart of our community and will add to our village’s social scene and amenities alongside The Greyhound pub, Village Hall, Baptist Church, St Bart’s Church, St Bart's School, Pre-School, the community cafes, and other community groups and organisations.

The shop will support and champion local producers, helping them to thrive, and feed our local economy.

Once the shop is running sustainably, any profits will be ploughed back into community projects, making our village even more desirable.

‘This is a once in a generation opportunity’

Across the UK there are over 360 community run village shops serving their local communities and beyond. This is Wigginton’s ‘once in a generation opportunity' to open our own community run village shop.

'We can’t do this without you'

We need to raise a minimum of £68,000 from our local community which will be matchfunded by Big Capital Society, bringing the total to £136,000. We believe we can achieve this, but we must not be complacent. Please don’t leave it to others, as the more we raise above and beyond our minimum target, the less we need to borrow in loans.

This is our chance to play our part in establishing a community shop and create a lasting legacy for generations to come.

How to invest

To invest in our Village Shop and become a member of Wigginton Community Shop Limitedyou need to make a minimum investment of £250 (25 shares at £10 each). You can buy as many shares as you want above and beyond this threshold and will entitle you to one voting right at the AGM.

Please follow the simple steps and let's make this shop a reality.

Thank you

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