Wicked Game Remix 2021

by Nikol Grigorova in London, England, United Kingdom

Wicked Game Remix 2021


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'Wicked Games' is a project exploring the pattern in toxic relationships, the difficulty and the choices we make when we are in one.

by Nikol Grigorova in London, England, United Kingdom

My name is Nikol and I am a Master student in Arts Management, Media and Marketing. I have been working in the entertainment industry for past four years as an actor. For the past six months I started working in the production side of film and tv. Music has also been big part of my life and in my career as an artist. My goal with this projects is to recreate this amazing song by Chris Isaak in a contemporary / modern version, presenting the pattern and reality of toxic relationships.  Everyone has gone through difficult relationships, but this song and the video I want to present is about narcissism and narcissistic abuse and the danger of being in a relationship like this. Especially during Covid-19 people felt as if they need to be go into relationship because of the isolation and loneliness and because of this many people chose very unsuitable and wrong partnerships. 

In terms of the process of the project I will be in charge for the production, organisation, marketing and distribution of the project.

With my experience in production, marketing and acting I believe and guarantee for the success of this project.

I have an amazing and talented singer working as part of the team - Adria Dinev, who is also a director and she will record the song and take the role of assistant director of the project. She has great experience as a singer and her songs and her work can be found on youtube  / spotify and apple. She also has great experience as assistant direct working for Imotion Films- content and film production company. 

The music arrangement  will be created by Dobromir Kissyov - a well-known multi-instrumentalist, arranger and orchestrator in Bulgaria who also works on multiple projects here in the UK, making music for music artists, theatre and film.

I am currently holding interviews for videographer and editor and I have couple of people interested to work on the project. There are great videographers who want to work with us and I am sure we will find the best to successfully represent our vision.


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