Wholistic Wellbeing Support

by Healing World Outreach in Havant, England, United Kingdom

Wholistic Wellbeing Support


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To train advisers to give wholistic advice, help people to feel their inner light and self-regulate well adjustment becoming whole and free

by Healing World Outreach in Havant, England, United Kingdom

Universal Learnings Healing World Outreach has been active since 1993 locally and globally. 

We believe that we have a moral obligation as an institution of spirituality, healing, and further learning to be facilitating people who wish to heal and strengthen their own lives and maintain a path of productive transpersonal/spiritual development.

VISION - To bring consistent social, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual support into the homes of everyone.

To be a centre of
Universal/Spiritual Research & Healing Excellence that contributes towards to a panoramic view of becoming ‘Whole & free’. A place where we can have support in healing after dis-ease.

We operate on a donation basis for longterm counselling. But for our short-term support, we offer through our community free.

The amount of people struggling with primary emotional and mental health concerns greatly outweighs the amount of free ‘wholistic welfare’ and healthcare that we have available to help them. So our non-profit lifelong learning support will exist to help fund pastoral complimentary treatment, counselling and life coaching for those who need it.

What many people don’t know about primary emotional and mental health is that getting help is now often a matter of life and death. Our online campaign with a goal of raising £3000 - the money we hope to raise will support keeping our outreach online, securing rent for a land/venue, give those who cannot get out of their homes access to support such as counsellors, life coaching and wholstic welfare support, and find help that they would normally not be able to afford or gain access to  and most important train advisors so that we can be available 24hrs around the world

Volunteering involves working in collaboration with other organisations and members of the multidisciplinary team to help deliver high quality, personalised treatment programmes for seekers – we will be inviting volunteers to train and skill share in support of bringing these usually not reachable support.

Healing World Outreach have been guiding lights in our own professional capacities for over 35yrs and continues to help people to integrate their own special brand of spirituality into their lifelong learning and healing process, offering free or small donations for services for young people and adults. We really need your support to continue. Please make a donation to enable us to continue with their fantastic outreach work. No donation is too small!

£15 will pay for an initial assessment with a senior counsellor - Commercial price in comparison from £35

£45 will sponsor counselling and support for a month. Commercial price in comparison from £100

£250 will sponsor a counselling and support for six months. Commercial price in comparison from £600

£500 will sponsor counselling, life coaching support for a whole year. Commercial price in comparison from £1000

----> If you or someone you know has been affected by being homebound with emotional and primary mental issues and you wished they could get help and support, please donate.

----> If you've ever struggled with emotional and primary mental health issues or self-esteem, please donate.

----> If you want to help people love themselves again and acquire an ongoing healing process please donate. :)

----> If you want to help people LIVE WHOLE AND FREE, please donate.

All donations, small or large, are very much appreciated. Volunteers should never be out of pocket because of their volunteering. For most organisations covering volunteer's expenses is the norm, for others however there is a perception that it is expensive or that funding restrictions prevent their payment. Volunteer Centres view the payment of expenses as vital in order to remove barriers to those that wish to volunteer.

Reasonable expenses expected would be:-

- Travel, to and from the place of volunteering

- Travel undertook in the course of volunteering

- Childcare (crèche or childminding)

- Food and refreshments while volunteering

- Postage, telephone calls etc paid for by the volunteer

- Materials to do voluntary work (paper, pens, stationery etc)

- Cost of equipment or specialist clothing (goggles, gardening gloves)

- Attendance at training events/courses

If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail us at worldhealing@ymail.com – subject heading Healing World Outreach

The main theoretical approaches that are used in our work are; Transpersonal, Client Centred, Psychodynamic, Solution Focused, Gestalt, Transactional Analysis, Motivational mindfulness, Rational Emotive Behavioural Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Aromatherapy massage and other complementary therapies.  All of our project light counsellors will be supportive, warm and non-judgmental, to guide you through any distress you may be experiencing. Healing World Outreach will aim to empower you to deal with any difficulties, whatever they may be and will be 100% confidential. Check in with a sovereignty of personality royalmaze.uk


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Wholistic Life Acquisition 90min Online Conference

The Wholistic Life Aquisition is the brainchild of Gaynor Linnecor and will help an individual to understand their own wholistic wellbeing and that of others. The 90 mins will empower you to take charge of your wholistic wellbeing, embrace lifestyle changes and improve your panoramic view, practice self-love and find the inner practitioner of becoming whole and free.

Let's make 'Wholistic Wellbeing Support' happen