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Whole House Electrical Storage " T M "

by Mark Edwin Benson in Buckingham, England, United Kingdom

Whole House Electrical Storage " T M "
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Test whole house electrical storage obtain accreditation go to market select electrical contractors to promote and install under licence

by Mark Edwin Benson in Buckingham, England, United Kingdom

After 3 years I obtained a UK patent for using a battery store ( UPS ) to keep the Home running when power fails and when mains power is not needed during daylight in Summer months 

I have a trademark Whole house electrical storage TM 


I have worked with Cranfield University and currently finalising the wiring simulation They will maintain an interest

Council planning

This has been made possible also by working with AVDC to obtain necessary planning consents and we are grateful to them

The Reward crowd funding 

This is to assist the proof of concept test rig at my home 

Class B & C shares will be issued upon accreditation and we will then go to market and I will elect a CEO and marketing manager I will become chairman so I can attend part of the time with my other patent work

My current  team is Kuldip Sodera, Simon West, Stephen Smith Pam Fox and a due to be included  is an electrical project manager to shadow myself Mark Benson my professional standing being :- MRICS B Eng. Assoc.  CIBSE  MCIOB Dip DEA Affiliate BIFM

Project Design enhancement

I have access to Electrical Consultants to assist the project design obligations and arrange accreditation  

Specialist sub contractors

 An qualified  electrical  firm will install the Whole house electrical storage  system in my home 

Control specialists will install a monitor and maintenance system using Wi fi where practical

National Grid Input

Western power distribution will monitor the work to ensure standards are maintainedat all times

Summarising :-

It is hoped my story and vision will encourage persons to support my fund raising and make a pledge and upon project succees receive a class B share

The funds will be used to  install te system at my Home using engineering procedures including health and safety at work

Hopefully a new patent applied concept being use of wind turbines in urban areas wiil compliment our efforts

Company details are outlined on our web being nrgproperty

M Benson                                                                                                                                                               Project Director

NRG Property services company

Post Script  In absence of the video please read script below  

Whole house Electrical Storage  “ TM ”  ( WHES )                                                                                                                                        

1.Since 2012 this concept was designed and a UK patent obtained in 2016

2. It brings together home based storage of electricity in a large battery and the use of renewable energy from various sources being:-

Solar panels

Wind turbines

Water turbines

And elaborate systems like fuel cells

3.It allows ongoing use of existing mains supply and economy 7 low tariff metering

4.The battery is used to store renewable and low tariff electricity throughout each day and night

5. Power cuts                                                                                                                                                                         When there is a power cut the electrical system serving the house from the mains board switches over to an essential supply board that supplies the basic home requirements

With the exception of the washing machine dish washer and freezer

A larger battery would accommodate the freezer

The likely period of battery use in winter would be 3 to 5 hours giving time for mains supply to resume

When the battery is low and a power cut occurs a preselect switch allows the battery to serve either a Freezer Electric car boost charger or external power point and floodlight as well as two dedicated emergency circuits

6. Summer months                                                                                                                                                       During the summer time the mains can be switched off during daylight hours and the home served from the battery being topped up by i6ems such as Solar panels and wind turbine

Day & night time the battery continues to be topped up with low tariff E7 or E 10 electricity

7. Urban wind turbines                                                                                                                                                   These are now available as they are quieter and can be installed without causing understandable adverse reactions from neighbours

8. Please go to our web site and other crowd funding pages for more detailed information

9. Heres” to a more sustainable environment reaching into the home and across the UK and world

M E Benson                                                                                                                                                               MRICS B Eng. Assoc. CIBSE MCIOB Dip DEA                                                                                                     


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£10 or more

0 of 4000 claimed

class B shares per £ 10 pledged

Class B shares in NRG property services company that has traded for 14 years

£20 or more

0 of 1000 claimed

£20 Reward

Class C shares of £ 20

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