Who let the forks out ?

by Louis Glenat in Almondsbury, England, United Kingdom

Who let the forks out ?
We did it
On 21st July 2019 we successfully raised £4 with 2 supporters in 28 days

For too long now, I have witnessed colleagues wandering in the office on a quest for the tool that will satisfy their hunger. I say no more!

by Louis Glenat in Almondsbury, England, United Kingdom

Donate to buy some forks : These forks !

The price is at 2.29 pounds for 12 forks. That means if we can gather 60 pounds, it will be enough to buy for each employee a brand new fork.

These forks are the best !

You don't trust me ? Then trust Mark  :

If more money is gathered than the initial 60 pounds, we will buy spoons !

Every penny gathered above the 100 pounds limit will be donated to people owning a fork but without food to put in it : https://www.trusselltrust.org/ (UK Food Bank)

Want to know more ? Dig in !

Has it ever occured to you how forks are important to our eco-system ?

It was not easy to find some scientific research about forks. As you can imagine, most fast-food companies are trying to hide the truth : Mc Donalds, Subway and the humongous conglomerate, worst of them all, Roost. But here is what I manage to gather so far :

  • A recent study has shown that without a fork, one is 100% less likely to use it.
  • Each Voyager probes contain two hundred forks each. In case of contact with extra-terrestrial life, this will prove our peaceful intent (much better than a frozen white dove I think).
  • The fork has been used by species across the different eras (see below)

Fork arrival on Earth

One of the first living organism

Live footage of the last Tyranosaurus Rex

Cavemen mastering fire (dialogue may not be accurate)

This crowdfunding is here to bring back the forks to our workplace and restore the balance.

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