Whitmore Reans stray cats

by Louise Mallard in Pattingham, England, United Kingdom

Whitmore Reans stray cats
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To help with the costs of looking after 9 stray cats

by Louise Mallard in Pattingham, England, United Kingdom

We moved into our new house over 3 years ago, since then we have looked after a family of stray cats that live in our garden and the wasteland behind it. With help from the CPL and another local charity we have rehomed 12 cats and have captured and neutered all the 9 cats that remain. Those 9 which remain have grown up and lived outside and have a bit of a scratchy bitey tendencies so could not possibly be rehomed, so me and my two neighbours all feed and look after the cats. It's really expensive. I spend about £780 on cat food a year, then we take turns to pay for medication like flea and tick treatment, which is about £70 each time. I've bought the cats their own walk in greenhouse as a shelter for them. (picture above was when the greenhouse was first put up, we have since carpeted all the shelves and put crazy amounts of soft bedding in) I'm in debt, at work I ask for cat food as my secret santa gift, looking after 9 cats is financially difficult.

The breakdown:

Sweet Pea: she is an old lady cat who was constantly popping out kittens, she was constantly thin until we had her neutered and now she's got a bit of a belly from eating too many treats rather than being pregnant all the time

Wide Boy: a piece of work, a big scary male who would attack me, until CPL skilfully caught and neutered him, now he's a bit of a softy as long as you don't put your hand anywhere near his face, you know if you enjoy having limbs that is. 

Bacon: a bit of a softie but can still have a go if he's not impressed with your fussing technique, he requires special attention as we believe he is allergic to fleas and certain flea treatments, so he gets more expensive treatments and we have to give him regular antihistamines so he doesn't scratch his own flesh off. 

Sausage: she's a bit mental, she can't sit still for a moment and took the CPL 5 visits to catch her, in the end my partner took a massive scratch down his arm in order to get her.

Zoidberg: twice the size of his sister (sausage), a little bit special, he will have a fuss but likes to chew on things to learn about them.

Note: all the above named by my partner, I had nothing to do with it. Cheeseburger and Fry were rehomed, I'm sure their sensible new humans named them more appropriately. 

Kittien: bold and brave, extremely energetic, very social with adult humans, hates all other cats. Named by the little girl next door. 

Misia & Podrabiowka: little black twins, not overly trusting, they will come for a little fuss when they eat but by the next day they forget that you're not an evil monster. Named by the Polish who live next door but one.

Donald: A big long haired fluffter who is not part of the family group, CPL shaved the matted fur from his back and neutered him. Named by my partner because he hates the other cats and "would like to build a wall between him and the others" again, I had no part in this naming.

So that's the gang, any help would be muchly appreciated, by both us and the kitties, thank you.

In winter they come in and have cuddles with Dadda, but we have to keep the back door open otherwise they freak out, it's took a long time to build up this much trust.

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