Whitley Bay Film Festival 2016 & Beyond

To develop the 2016 Film Festival & beyond on sound and sustainable foundations. We've got big plans ahead but we need financial backing.

We did it!

On 18th Sep 2015 we successfully raised £235 with 8 supporters in 48 days

Project Aim

For over six years the Whitley Bay Film Festival has grown into one of the regions most popular arts events. We seek your help to make it even bigger, better and completely self sufficient.

At the core of the festival is a small volunteer led team. The festival has thus far been organised on a part time basis. We aim to develop our professional skills so we can successfully meet our goal of building on our success. We have some big and exciting plans for the future but we need you to help us achieve them.

We've a proven track record of delivering popular and exciting pop up cinema events.   Up to now we've been orgainising things on a voluntary basis.  The festival has now got too big to continue administering it in this fashion.  We now need to get some money in if we are to continue.

The money from this crowd sourcing campaign will be spent on projection equipment for the 2016 festival and act as a fund to enable the team to commit more time to the project.


About the project

The award winning Whitley Bay Film Festival has been delivering popular and inventive pop up cinema and arts events for six years.  Our Patron is TV and screen writer Ian La Frenais who has been central in providing us with a yearly guest of honour.  This year we were delighted to welcome Roger Daltrey to Whitley Bay for a 40th anniversary screening of Tommy with a question and answer session afterwards. The 2015 Whitley Bay Film Festival has been our largest and most successful season. BBC Newcastle is this year's official media partner.

We Started in 2010 with a week long program including our notorious "Jaws On The Beach" evening and a commitment to show the work of up and coming & professional film makers from around the region.  Since then we have hosted over 100 films. The Festival is synonymous with screening classic films in the most interesting locations such as the lighthouse on St Mary's Island and The Rendezvous Cafe amongst many others. Our events are often with imaginative extras and theming.

We now want your backing to help us to expand our program, stage more regular events and firm up the foundations of our community arts festival. 

For the last few years, the festival caravan has been the cause of some notoriety as it's seen around streets of Whitley Bay.  We now feel it's time to restore and gentrify our iconic box office for expanded use.The renovated caravan will perform several functions.  It will act as a box office and hub for festival organisation & administration.  We will fit the caravan with all the equipment needed for "roving" pop up screenings and events.  We intend hire out the caravan as a tiny and bespoke mobile cinema able to deliver film where other cinemas cannot reach.  It will also serve as an excellent vehicle for promoting the work of up and coming film makers from around the region and beyond while simultaneously providing an iconic brand for The Whitley Bay Film Festival.

For five years,  a volunteer crew have guided the Whitley Bay Film Festival to where it is today.  We've recently reconstituted our business as a community interest company with a core team made up of the festival directors, technicians, design team and volunteers.  We now aim to maximise our potential.

With this in mind, we also seek ongoing business and other professional advice to ensure our rolling delivery of unique, popular and imaginative cinema screenings can continue into the future on a sound, creative and profitable footing.



Whitley Bay Film Festival Website


2015 Tommy Flyer.  Rger Daltrey & Ian La Frenais join us at the Playhouse, Whitley Bay.  August 1st 2015.


Festival patron Ian La Fenais introduces Roger Daltrey to the stage of the playhouse, Whitley Bay & Roger Daltrey in great form in conversation with Chris Phipps. (Photo's George Bosnyak)

Year 1:  Jaws On The Beach, Nosferatu with live soundtrack, Ian La Frenias screenings and a very promising start.  Black Dog Design.  Black Dog Design

Year 2.  King Kong At The Spanish City Dome, The Fog At St Mary's Lighthouse.  Dirty Dancing and The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Dome were highlights.  Black Dog Design

Year 3.  "Journal Culture Award" winning year for "Best Event Tyneside" Highlights included Some Like It Hot, The Wizard Of Oz & The Birds @ The Dome as well as Dawn Of The Dead In Whitley Bay's Park View Shopping Mall.  Black Dog Design

Year 4:  Multiplex.  We turned the Spanish City Dm into a multiplex cinema and screened over 30 movies.  We topped off 2013 with a movie cruise from North Shields to Amsterdam and back.  Black Dog Design

Year 5.  Quadrophenia @ The Playhouse,  Whitley Bay with director Franc Roddam. Other highlights included Laurel & Hardy @ The Grand Hotel & Dog Soldiers @ The Bee Hive Pub.  Black Dog Design

2015 Pinball Press:  Our pinball tournament to promote our screening of Tommy has been widely covered by local media.

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