White Riverie

Sci- Fi short that examines the modern human's relationship with the machine and whether or not our dependency on it is dangerous.

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On 8th Nov 2017 we successfully raised £950 of £850 target with 45 supporters in 14 days

What Is The Film About?

White Reverie is set in the not too distant future. Sensicom, a technology company specializing in virtual reality, are about to launch their new product- a V.R gadget that stimulates all 5 of your senses to give you an HD virtual reality. The story jumps from the present, with a sickly sweet advertiser promoting the V.R headset, to a year before when a naive girl is kidnapped by the same company and is tested on in isolated, inhumane conditions. 

This eerie, slow-paced piece questions the world we live in and our growing dependency on machines. We are very keen to make this short sci- fi because there are few sci- fi films about the future from a young person's perspective.

Who We Are

Unthank Productions is the name of the University of East Anglia's filmmaking society. It is home to  a group of ambitious students who have come together based on our passion for film. This is an independent production and every aspect is being managed and handled internally. 

Between us, we have several years of experience making short films and music videos. Using this experience and incredible enthusiasm, we feel we will be able to make a truly captivating and thought-provoking short film. 


Because we are a student society we need financial backing to get the project off the ground. We will use the budget to pay for the large studio that will give our film that clinical look you see in the video above. Additional costs will go towards the runnings of filming. As our production is prop heavy we will mostly be paying for props, the set's, costume and makeup, along with lunch for the crew and travel expenses to and from the studio.


If we surpass our target budget, this chart shows what we would spend the rest on.


We would also like to take our film to film festivals, most of which have a small entrance fee. Your support will help us secure attention and recognition for our film and hopefully lead to awards for our hard work.

With your help, we can make a great film and support the large community of budding filmmakers at UEA find their feet and get some experience. Thank you!

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