Whiskey Jack

Whiskey Jack

Help us buy a minibus for our Stand Up Paddle board club, and help people get active! :)

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


My name is Harry, I am a stand up paddleboard instructor. I have a vision; I want to get people out on the water, as many people as possible! Stand up paddleboarding or SUP is a relatively new sport, with Polynesian roots, it involves large surfboard-like craft which are propelled along the water, salty or fresh, by a paddle (and some human power!).

Not only is SUP great exercise for any age group or physical ability, it's easy to do and great fun! SUP is a very accessible and low impact way of people getting active, having fun and experiencing the joy of being in the ocean! 

SUP is my passion, it occupies most of my thoughts (ask my girlfriend!), I work five days a week as a postman, but the rest of my time I spend on the water, or building boards in my little workshop, or just talking about boards to anyone that will listen! 

Here's where I need your help! 

I would like to get a little minibus, so I can shuttle people from the campsites in the summer and get them out on the water! Some of the locations I take people to paddle have limited parking and access, and already experience a high volume of traffic during the summer months. To limit the impact of multiple vehicles on these beautiful spots (and our beautfiul planet), I would like to offer the opportunity for people to come in one vehicle and keep our footprint to an absolute minimum. 

I have had some training in working with differently abled people, and I would buy a minibus with a ramp, to open up SUP to anyone and get them right down to the water and enjoying some vitamin sea! 

Your pledges would go towards buying a suitable vehicle and some paddles and gear to help get people out and enjoying this amazing new sport! 

Thank you for reading, hope to see you on the water!