Whip-round for Porty Earth staff (suddenly sacked)

by Justin Kenrick & Eva Schonveld in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

Whip-round for Porty Earth staff (suddenly sacked)
We did it
On 27th January 2018 we successfully raised £2,560 with 106 supporters in 14 days

Porty Earthy staff have suddenly been made redundant, and left with nothing, not even wages they’re due. Let’s raise a few hundred to help!

by Justin Kenrick & Eva Schonveld in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

What an extraordinary response from Porty. 

We're adding a stretch target of £1,200 having reached £900 after only 6 hours.

Hugely appreciated by the staff ("very humbled" . . . "grateful and moved" . . .), but they should know that we're all just reciprocating the kindness and good humour they've given us.

Some Porty Earthy staff are in pretty serious situations and/or with dependents, and could really do with help from anyone in our community who has appreciated their kindness and who can spare something. 


Good luck to those seeking a way for the building to stay in community hands to continue the wonderful work happening there (but this ‘ain’t a crowdfunder for that!) 

Justin and Eva

13th Jan 2017: Thank you kind people of Porty. We have just handed over £600 to Jayson, Dimitris, Teresa and Marina at the close of Earthy today. We will get their bank details and transfer the money (now at £700!) every few days. We (Justin and Eva) only receive the money from your accounts into ours in 2 weeks time. Thank you for your kindness. 

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