Where Are We Going? children's book

by Vie Portland in Southampton, England, United Kingdom


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The book has been created to encourage imagination and acceptance, and as a fundraiser for my Community Interest Company.

by Vie Portland in Southampton, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

As well as more people having the book at home, and more books being donated to schools, nurseries, libraries and groups, it will also enable me to do more of the work I do with my Community Interest Company, reaching more people in my community and, possibly, beyond. A dream would be to have the book in every primary school in the country!

I've had the first two lines of a children's book in my mind for a long time. During lockdown, the idea got bigger and the book got written.

I have worked with children and young people most of my life and have seen how important it is to to encourage imaginative play, as this allows them to see beyond what their reality is now and dream of adventures that could take them anywhere, where they are able to do anything.

I teach self esteem and confidence lessons to children and young people through my CIC; a big part of what I do is about kindness and acceptance, as I believe that, if we're kinder and more accepting of ourselves, we are kinder and more accepting of others. I am passionate about kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.

There are only a very small percentage of books that represent a child with a disability; in the majority of those books, the book is about their disability. I wanted to create a story that was about a child with a visible difference but with no mention of her disability; I wanted the story to be about her, as a child, having fun, with no explanations or limitations put on her.

"Where are we going?" was born. 

It's a story aimed at 3 to 7 year olds, though great for older readers to read to a younger child, and it's a story of an ordinary journey home; Emily (that's what I have called them but they aren't named in the book, as I wanted you to choose their name for your enjoyment) asks the question, "Where are we going?", as many children insistently do, and her mum creates magical adventures for them to go on, making an ordinary journey home an extraordinary one. The brilliant Donna, from Art & Murals by Donna McGhie, has created gorgeous illustrations that are a joy to see.

With my CIC, as a social enterprise, it's important that whatever I create benefits the community in some way; that's why I set up as a CIC. As part of this campaign, as well as being able to buy the book and other items for yourself, there is also the opportunity for you to buy a book to donate to a nursery, primary school, library, or group of your choice. As the rewards get bigger, there are two options, which could possibly be a great way for a business to give back to their community this quarter; one is that you could choose to donate a book to all of the libraries in your area, or, a larger option, to donate a book to all the primary schools or nurseries in your area. Each book would have a book plate in, saying who had donated the books. I have put the costs down for libraries and schools in Southampton, as that is where I live, but I can adapt the amount and the pricing to suit the area you live in; just contact me and I will work it out for you.

In the back of each book, there are activity questions; these would be great for an adult with a child to do at home, or for a class to do together; as the book is about imagination, the answers could be different every time.

The rewards available are only available for the Crowdfunder campaign. The book will be available from March 2021 to buy, as a softback, but the hardback book will only be available here. The other rewards are only available here too.

All books and rewards will be delivered early March 2021.

The money raised in this campaign will be to cover costs of publishing, the illustrator, production, printing and postage.

The money raised in this campaign, as well as covering the costs of the rewards, will also be used to help me continue my work in the community. This means that every £1 you give is doing something beneficial to the community.

If you have any questions, please do ask.

Thank you so much for supporting this campaign. You are brilliant!



This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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Just because you believe in this project

This is for if you would just like to support the project because you believe in it. Thank you so much.

£15 or more

One hardcover book and eBook

A hardback copy of the book, posted to you or someone/an organisation of your choice (please let me know). And an eBook of the story. And my gratitude. Delivery March 2021

£20 or more

A signed hardback book and eBook

If you would like me to sign the book to someone special. Please let me know a name. Delivery March 2021

£25 or more

Hardback book signed by Vie and Donna, and eBook

A hardback book that can be signed by both author and illustrator, to someone special (or just our names). And an eBook. Delivery March 2021

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Buy one, donate one and an eBook

You receive one book and the eBook, and you can donate the other book to somewhere of your choosing, or to donate one to "the pot" for me to distribute. Please let me know whare you would like me to send them. Delivery March 2021

£35 or more

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Signed limited edition framed print

A print of one of the scenes or characters in the book. The print will be signed by the illustrator and framed. Delivery March 2021

£45 or more

Buy one, donate one, signed books by Vie and Donna

A hardback book for you, signed by us, either with just our names or to a special someone, and a donated book to an organisation of your choice, or for "the pot" for Vie to donate. You will also receive an eBook of the story. Delivery March 2021

£50 or more

The Deluxe Package!!

In this package you will receive a signed hardback book for yourself, and an eBook; one to be donated to an organisation of your choice, or for "the pot" for Vie to distribute. You will receive a notebook and crayons to create your own imaginative adventures. You will receive stickers to brighten any surface. You'll receive a few activity sheets. And you will receive a pattern to make your own "Emily" cloth doll. Delivery March 2021

£100 or more

A hardback book and a recording.

As well as a hardback book, and an eBook, you will receive a video recording of Vie reading the story to the child/children of your choice. Delivery March 2021

£250 or more

Donate to every library in Southampton (flexible)

A hardback copy of the book to every library in Southampton (price and amount can be adapted for an area of your choice; just get in touch). Each book will have a book plate in saying who it was donated by; this can be a personal name or a business name. Delivery March 2021

£250 or more

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A reading in a school

As well as receiving a book for the school of your choice, in Southampton and surrounds (contact me if you would like me to go further), Vie will go in and read the story to up to five groups of children over the course of one day, and do some related activities with them. The book will be delivered in March 2021; The reading can be arranged up to March 2022

£700 or more

Book for every primary school in Soton (flexible)

A hardback book will be delivered to every primary school in Southampton (or an area of your choice; price and amount of books can be adjusted). In each book will be a book plate with the name of the person or business that donated it. Delivery March 2021

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