When You Grow Up

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Hello lovely person! 

Thank you for clicking on our crowdfunder. We are making our first ever illustrated book and would love your help! 


When You Grow Up is the book version of a poem that I wrote recently (I am the grown up in this operation). I am a writer and a performance poet and I recently authored a bespoke poem which was commissioned by the winner of a silent auction - I donated this as a poetic prize for a fundraising charity event for IDAS (Independent Domestic Abuse Services).

The brief from the auction winner was 'please write me a poem of excellent life advice for my 8 year old nephew that will last him for years and tell him how to be a really good grown up.' No pressure! 

I smiled and nodded like a professional and said 'yeah of course, I can write that, no problem' but in truth I was a bit overwhelmed. Who was I to be a solo voice telling a boy I don't even know how to live his life? Uh oh. The dreaded writer's block set in.

I did what any sensible person does at this point - I turned to social media for help. I published a post asking my Facebook friends to share any thoughts or advice they would give to their 8 year old selves. The thread was a popular one and it helped me overcome my creative block and served as the starting point for my poem.

After I had performed and delivered a copy of the poem to my client (who I was delighted to say loved it very much!) I decided to put it up on line, so my friends could see what their thoughts and comments had inspired. You can see the live video of the poem by clicking on this link here:


***(In the video the poem has a different title but we decided to call our project When You Grow Up because we think it is a much better title for a book) 

The live video was a very popular post and lots of people asked me for a copy of the poem so they can read the piece to their own 8 year olds. But everyone knows the best stories to read to kids are the ones with pictures... So I decided to get my own young nephews on board to help.


This is Solly (10) and Ché (11).

1533836741_IMG_0718.jpgThey both love to draw, and when I asked them if they wanted to work with me to illustrate my poem and help me turn it into a book, I was delighted that they both said YES!

Here are some examples of what they have been working on so far:

'I hope that when you grow up

your friends are all hilarious

and make good jokes

ones that make you pee your pants

and your sides ache'

'and I hope that you always

wear sunscreen and eat broccoli

and get a horse

or a motorbike

or a pet alligator

or whatever else it is that you want'

'and when you’re on the train

don’t forget to look out of the window

you might see a cow explode

or a phone box farm

or a midnight alien invasion'


'and if one day you meet someone

that only wants to be mean

please remember that

they are not a lock on a safe

you cannot crack their code

you cannot pick them open to let out

a hidden treasure of love and approval

no matter how much you want it to be so

no matter how clever you think you are at puzzles

the cleverest are the ones

who are brave enough to walk away'


Pretty good artistic family collab skills eh?


Because as Ché rightly says in the video it's going to be great! We think this is a fab idea and we would love it to exist in the real world. Ahem Solly, not just because we love money, might want to work on your creative pitching there kid - although actually the guy's got a savvy point; a boy's got to keep himself stocked in fine liners somehow!

In all seriousness though, we have set up this fundraising page to help us cover typesetting and print costs for 200 x A4 full colour copies of our book. The finance breaks down as follows:

The printing and binding costs have been quoted at approx £800 (around £4 per book).

The remaining money will go towards other typesetting costs + materials (pens, pencils, red wine and Haribo).

Any left over pennies will go in to our piggy banks, or towards further print runs if we sell all 200 quick.

For every copy of the book sold we will donate £1 to IDAS. And we will of course send a copy to the original commissioner and her nephew, free of charge. 

We hope you can help us achieve our goal (and keep these two busy drawing and out of trouble until the end of the summer holidays!) We are really excited to be making this book together and we can't wait to share it with all of our chums. If you like the poem and drawings and our idea, please help us to spread the word.

Thank you so much for your help.

Love from 

Hannah and Ché and Solly

aka Cool Pineapple Inc.



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