Pay it Forward with Wheely Tots

by Wheely Tots in London, England, United Kingdom


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Help Wheely Tots to get back to business: buy or borrow a bike (toddler, kids, adults & key workers) + online and offline bike servicing.

by Wheely Tots in London, England, United Kingdom

2020 marks five years of Wheely Tots supporting families and young people to be healthy, confident and more resilient.   

In Haringey and North Hackney, we’ve delivered over 2,000 hours of balance bike sessions and reached over 1,000 families. We’ve engaged with 96 young people over the first year of our youth-led initiative, Your Bike Project. We’ve created 5 part-time jobs and trained 5 local people as cycling instructors. 

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we’re using our skills and resources to continue to support families to access cycling safely, and help those most in need. We’ve been delivering bikes and balance bikes, running a food bank, mending bikes and helping families get out and about. 

We’re fundraising for 20 new balance bikes for our Kit Library so that more families can feel healthier, more connected and more resilient.

The recent government campaign to encourage cycling has resulted in a huge increase in requests to borrow bikes from a wide range of families and many more referrals from local services. 

20 new balance bikes will enable us to increase an important source of income that helps us to be less reliant on grant funding for our charitable activities. They will also allow us to loan bikes to families who cannot pay.

By supporting our crowdfunding campaign you'll help us to continue to offer free services to NHS and key workers, as well as discounted services to those with limited means.

Our impact

Our innovative approach all helps make the wheels go round literally…and figuratively! Over the years we’ve proved that positive micro interactions contribute to our local communities being more healthy, confident and resilient. 69% of people meet someone “new” or “different” at our sessions;  86% of people feel more connected to their local area and almost all tell us stories about increases in their health and well being.

“I feel like you taught us so that we’re able to show our children or anyone else our skills.” Participant, 2020

“I like to help people. I’m a carer, I love my work. You have to have the passion. I share what little I have.”  Food bank volunteer, 2020

“Very supportive and positive session, my mood feels better and my son’s confidence in riding has grown.” Participant, 2019

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This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£50 or more

£50 Basic Bike Service

Pledge £50 today to fund a basic bike service for a Key Worker so their bike is roadworthy for travel to work rather than taking public transport.

£25 or more

£25 Online Consultation

Pledge £25 today to fund an online consultation with a bike mechanic/cycle instructor for advice on route planning and cycling in London.

£75 or more

£75 Balance Bike

Pledge £75 today and we will purchase a balance bike for our Kit Library so more families can enjoy cycling together.

£100 or more

£100 2 hour cycling session

Pledge £100 today to fund a 2 hour cycling session for an adult or family: this improves confidence, creates a positive micro community interaction and helps people keep on with their cycling.

£200 or more

£200 Bike for a Key Worker

Pledge £200 today and we will deliver a fully serviced 2nd hand bike to a Key Worker to ride to work instead of using public transport.

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