Wheels for dogs in Elsa's memory

by Sarah Clifton in Shenley Lodge, England, United Kingdom

Wheels for dogs in Elsa's memory


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Elsa was the most beautiful, sweetest, gentle soul you would ever meet. Everyone she met adored her. On the morning of 27/05/2020 Elsa woke...

by Sarah Clifton in Shenley Lodge, England, United Kingdom

Elsa was the most beautiful, sweetest, gentle soul you would ever meet. Everyone she met adored her. 

On the morning of 27/05/2020 Elsa woke up in extreme agony so we rushed her to an emergency vets. On arrival we placed Elsa on the ground to realise she was completly paralysed. We were clueless to how this had happened and we were devastated. She was referred to a specialist neurologist that day who performed an mri which confirmed she had a slipped disc L3-L4 and was unlikely to regain the use of her legs, she was also not a candidate for surgery. During the first 7 weeks Elsa was pain free. we tried physiotherapy and hydrotherapy but Elsa had no movement still in her legs. We decided to look in to getting her a wheelchair so she could enjoy her walks again. We looked and they were very expensive. We learned about Winston's wheels. A fund raiser set up by a lovely lady called Rachel who herself had a dog with mobility problems. They loan doggy wheelchairs and pushchairs to dogs with mobility issues for however long they need them. We spoke to each other and within a few days Elsa had her wheelchair. Elsa took to her wheels instantly and began to enjoy her walks after spending weeks inside the house. We were having a great time exploring again. We saw other dogs in the same position as Elsa all enjoying their wheelchairs and being pushed in their pushchairs on the facebook page. To see these dogs who have been through so much, enjoying themselves is so great to see.

Tragically on 11th July, Elsa started experiencing extreme pain. During that week Elsa went downhill. She was on the strongest pain medication every four hours and on Sunday 19th July we decided we couldn't see her suffer anymore. We are absolutely heartbroken to lose Elsa. She was one of a kind and we miss her terribly. In her memory we would like to raise as much money as we can for Winston's wheels fund raiser. Even just £1 will go towards helping other dogs like Elsa. 1595362376_img_20200705_160548_828.jpg

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