GO BUDDY TRAVEL case with child seat

by Pauline in Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire, Scotland

GO BUDDY TRAVEL  case with child seat

The amount I have been quoted to manufacture and safety test the first model is £ 10,000. the money raised will be put towards this

by Pauline in Renfrewshire, Renfrewshire, Scotland

We did it
On 2nd March 2018 we successfully raised £170 with 4 supporters in 56 days

THis is my 3 year old an when you have toddlers going on holiday  it is hard to decide what to take  especially when it comes to luggage and prams and kids seats. When we went on holiday with our 3 year old  in june 2017 I searched the internet for something that she could sit in while travelling through the airport especially as we had a night flight and I knew she would be tired. I didnt want to buy a pram as she had outgrown a pram a while back and really I wanted something cheap that I would be able to store either toys or her clothes too

I aimed to make wanted something we could board straight onto the plane with that would cause no extra nightmares, so I made a make shift folding trolley with seat and bag that I was able to take my child through the airport on. The handle folded down when not in use then when needed the handle extended to pull her along. the seat flipped up and the wheels folded too

I didnt know if we could board with it but we boarded the plane and placed it in the 0ver head locker unlike other families even with the smallest folding stroller who had to place their pram in the hold.

I had only intended to use it for the airport but as it happened my daughter loved it so much we used it for going up an down to the beach and the pool. It was when a lot of people around were looking and pointing that we thought this may be a good idea for lots of familys. It is the first version a rough home mae prototype with a few things I would adjust if I could take it to manufacture, But also my goal would be to offer this at a price that is affordable.

In the hotel prams werent allowed in the dining room but we strolled in with this as we could fold it small enough to look like a small cabin bag. It was so handy.

So the first homemade trolley pram case was born and I named it Go buddy. With your help  I would love to be able to manufacture this properly with adjustments that I am unable to do such as a proper made and proportioned case and also the seat would ideally be be higher off the ground and of course be harnessed

Please help.

summer is approaching fast.


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