wheelchair accessible garden planter

by A.J. Gibson in Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom

wheelchair accessible garden planter
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Other wheelchair accessible planters are "one size fits all" my one is bespoke to fit each individual needs.

by A.J. Gibson in Stirling, Scotland, United Kingdom

As a handyman at a Center with people who have all sorts of disabilities and in particular people who were interested in gardening which is a wonderful therapy could not just use "one size fits all" planters. So I decided to make my own.

Measuring up each person and making my first prototype from wood was a big success.

Problem was the wood, using it as a planter the wood needed constant repair due to watering, compost etc.

I approached a company who makes Bespoke ideas from recycled plastic which I am very familiar with and a great product, using approx 2000 plastic milk bottles to make my planter.

The idea of the planter unlike others is it is on wheels and can be moved from outside to inside a greenhouse or polytunnel. It is also height adjustable to suit all size wheelchairs. It has sections so it can be used as a planter or a workstation.

The cost of one to be made is £700.00 but would love to make more for lots of other people who do not have the abilities to enjoy the therapy of gardening and also help saving the environment of plastic waste.

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