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Lilypads City of Edinburgh

Lilypads strives to end period poverty and stigma by providing affordable reusable sanitary pads and education to communities in Kenya.

Successfully overfunded

  • 98 supporters
  • £4.1k raised
  • 28 days
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RESPIRE Greater London

Battling London's growing lethal air pollution - with Green, Effective & Trendy Moss products!

Successfully funded

  • 32 supporters
  • £4k raised
  • 23 days
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Herts Student Enterprise shop Hertfordshire

We are building a shop at the University of Hertfordshire where students can test trade and validate their new ideas with 25,000 students!

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  • £1.1k raised
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Project Access Oxfordshire

PA fights inequalities in top-university applications, providing free mentoring and a personal content journey to underprivileged applicants

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The Women Of Colour Society Dorset

Create a community of empowered women of colour - who know the world is theirs and go after what they want in every aspect of life.

  • 34 supporters
  • £646 raised
  • 14 days