What's Left Behind - Short film

Dianne sets out to find her Mother’s old diary, not knowing the secrets held within its pages.

We did it!

On 9th Nov 2016 we successfully raised £605 of £600 target with 25 supporters in 21 days

Film Description 

11 years after the death of her Father, Dianne's relationship with her Mother is almost non-existent.

Her Mother never leaves the house and is steadily drinking herself into an early grave, leaving

Dianne to look after herself. That is until Dianne is prompted to research her late-fathers life and sets out to steal

her Mother’s old diary, not knowing that the secrets held within its pages will change everything. 

Our Talented Crew;

Writer/Director -   Matt Walsh 

Producer-  Jodie Nichole Fowler 

Director Of Photography / Editor -  Daniel Angioy 

Sound -  Ryan Davies 

Production Design -  Clare kirkpatrick 

Assistant Director - Dickson Erex

Assistant Producer - Ben Stainsby 

Assistant Production Design -  Alisha Carling 

Lighting Technician -  Jonathan Webb

Assistant Camera - VFX - Jamie Blake 

Make Up Design -  Zoe Lane

Promoter - Qasim Baig 

Production Runner - Macauley macdonald

Where the funding will go...

  • Transport -  £100
  • Production Design - £100
  • Costume - £50
  • Make up artist-£50
  • Catering - £150 
  • Accommodation -£100
  • Promotion - £50

We all would like to say a massive thank you for your support.

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