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What's Hot London? Magazine

We tell Londoners all that's hot in town with Editorial reviews & ratings and never-heard-of stories from across London.

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What's Hot London? - Fostering a sense of community


"A man who is tired of London is tired of Life" - Samuel Johnson.

A single parent, pensioner, busy professional, a tourist, it’s all too easy to get lost in the big urban mundane mayhem of London, flip the local dailies or switch on the television to encounter not-so-bright news, feel a bit lonely at times, feel unsure as to what makes you feel good and if it’s actually worth the value when it comes to putting yourself out there, socialise and try new experiences.

What's Hot London? is a web-based (with Print edition in the offing) Editorial review and ratings guide on all things Hot n Happening in London including unbiased, comprehensive reviews and ratings on exhibitions & museums, bars & night clubs, restaurants, film /TV shows, theatre, music gigs, books, people, places, events and much more. We also cover the most enchanting, engaging, never-heard-of stories about London!

What's Hot London? aims to bring in all the buzz, guide a Londoner and visitor into putting their money where the worth is with comprehensive reviews, nudge them out of their ennui, foster a sense of community with engaging stories from across the town and make them fall in love with the great British capital.

Value Proposition


1.Editorial reviews as against the commonly found User submitted inconclusive reviews

2. Magazine style web page with all latest frequently updated content on landing page keeping in mind the 30 sec attention span of a web surfer.

3.Vibrant branding with intonation ranging from sober to fun and flirty with a powerful modern day rhetoric of What's Hot?


Where are we currently at?


What's Hot London? is an early stage digital publishing start-up.

We have been publishing content with 1 talented full time Writer/Reporter and a bunch of enthusiastic talented freelance writers. We are now at a stage where we need to expand into Print  & Broadcast media.

How will it make money?

With the power of its brand and content and its rhetoric, What's Hot London? aims to become a Marketing platform for businesses and events by offering:

  • Event Ticketing
  • Event & Media partnering (Corporate sponsored trade shows, conferences, fashion shows, Gigs and others)
  • Business 2 Business Advertising/Promotions

Why we need funding?

We need £25k funding to to  launch the Print edition

Do we have what it takes?

I created What's Hot London? under £20 including the domain name, logo and web hosting; having designed and developed the website and branding myself using word press.

I started writing the very first reviews and articles. After a sufficient content base over 3 months and armed with £2.5k, I invited talented freelance writers with backgrounds in Journalism, Media studies to join What's Hot London? for a modest £10 per article and a photo/bio credit.

We now have a talented full-time Writer/Film maker on board who brings in all the content.

5 (and more joining each week!)talented freelance writers have been regularly contributing to What's Hot London?

Our reviews have so far received acknowledgements and mentions from:

1. Arachne Press 2. African Art Gallery, London

We've also been receiving several requests for advertising/promotion  by concerts, gigs, artists and product launches.

Please visit www.whatshotlondon.co.uk to get a feel of What's Hot London?.


Our way of saying Thank You

As a Thank you to all contributors, we have lined up some exciting rewards for various contributions.

As What's Hot London? is all about celebrating London, so too are our rewards that include experiencing London in its essence. Please view our reward offers under Rewards tab.


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