"What If" Cinema Advertisement

To reach 200,000 cinema goers with our shocking and thought-provoking take on the reality of illegal fox-hunting.

We did it!

On 9th Feb 2015 we successfully raised £12,563 of £12,000 target with 531 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

We did it!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH for making this happen.

We’re on the phone right now as this update goes out, booking the film into a new region so we can get it in front of thousands more people. We’ll let you know exactly where and when the film will be showing (the region and the dates) as soon as we know.

We of course will also be sorting out the pledge rewards, so all of you will get your relevant pledge benefit in recognition of what you have helped us achieve. We’ll update you on timescales for this as soon as we get the important business of the film sorted out.

This has really been an amazing project, not least as it is the first time that the League has undertaken crowdfunding, so can we just say once more that we think you are bloody brilliant, and we’ll be in touch again soon!

From all of the very excited and proud team at the League.

P.S. We’ll be putting up a stretch funding target of another £1,000 as we think there are still a lot of people out there who want to help get this film out to the public at large. We’ll use the money to fund YouTube advertising of the film, so please keep talking to friends and family about this project. Let’s see how far we can take it!

We are the leading animal welfare charity exposing cruelty to animals in the name of sport. We want to put a new ad into cinemas showing the reality of illegal fox hunting.

About Us

The League Against Cruel Sports was established in 1924 to expose and end cruel sports. That remains our core purpose today, and our proudest moment came in 2004 when the Hunting Act banned the hunting of wild animals for sport. But the hunters want to bring back their "sport", calling for repeal of the ban, and some continue to hunt illegally. We need to counter this call, and silence it once and for all.

Why Are We Crowdfunding?

A supportive professional film maker has been working with the League Against Cruel Sports to develop a shocking and thought-provoking take on the reality of fox hunting. The highly impactful 60 second ad takes the viewer on the journey of a hunted animal, and ends with a call to help stop illegal hunting. 

We want to put this ad in as many cinemas as possible, and it will cost £17,000 to reach 200,000 cinema goers. We already have a pledge of £5,000 from a key supporter, so we need to raise the remaining amount by the end of January.

How You Can Help

Please pledge to support this project. Unless we get the full £17,000 it costs to book the cinema advertising we cannot do this. Please share this video - and indeed all our campaigns (sign up here) - with friends, family and colleagues on social media. It's good to talk!

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