What You Do Matters workshops

What You Do Matters workshops

- To create a safe, non-judgemental platform for women to be heard about their experiences as 21st Century women living in London.

We did it!

On 5th Jun 2015 we successfully raised £754 of £550 target with 16 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Unfortunately our applications for funding were unsuccessful which we were counting on so in order for us to make these workshops happen, please help us reach our target of £1000. we have £415 by June 5th PLEASE SUPPORT US!!


We believe in the longevity of WYDM and we hope to have annual series of workshops. Once our project passes its orginal target, all donations will be put back into WYDM future projects.


With the overfunding we can now pay for:

£324.29 -Specialist Liability Insurance for charities and non-profit organisations

£44 each DBS (Disclose and Barring service) for staff members

Provide attendees with WYDM merchandise

£150 on WYDM Tshirts

Long term goals:

- To plant a seed that will grow

- First series of workshops- plans to annual workshops

- To develop WYDM's values: Significance, Giving back, Equality, Compassion, and Gratitude

-Will go towards future WYDM plans


WYDM Summer Workshops; Platform to be heard

Proposed date:

16-21 years olds women = Saturday 11th July 2015

22+ women = Saturday 25th July 2015

WYDM is a non-profit organisation established in 2012, which has been involved in fundraising and appeals, raising awareness of numerous charities such as Ghana Volunteer Project, A21 Campaign, VSO Bahaginan, Philippine Red Cross, and Community Links. In March 2014 we brought 50 women together to celebrate International Women’s Day. The afternoon was spent listening to keynote speakers with the opportunity to donate to 26 different charities.

Since the beginning of this year we are now an official company. Our team of 9 (alongside our fantastic web developer) have come together on a voluntary basis with the aim to inspire positive changes to women. Our team's experiences vary greatly from NHS Associate Mental Health Worker to African Knitwear and Accessories Designer but we all share the same vision.

We are an enthusiastic bunch and love to meet our supporters whenever we can.

Meet our team (& what we do outside WYDM);

  • Jacqueline, trainee psychodynamic counsellor
  • Rhona, Property Investor
  • Rachel, Freelance Writer
  • Jenn, Associate Graduate Mental Health
  • Ness, Data Administrator
  • Dom, Teaching Assistant
  • Christine, Office Manager
  • Sicgmone, African Knitwear and Accessories
  • Jeselyn, Client Service Administrator

With the exception of 1 of our team members, we grew up in London. Interestingly in a 2012 article by The Guardian stated London is the worst place to live in the UK if you're a woman, according to a report that reveals that women are less likely to work, earn less than men when they do, and are more likely to be sexually assaulted in the capital than anywhere else.’ We feel our workshops are important to provide platforms to share our experiences and to see whether these reports relate to 21st Century women living in the capital.

In 2014, another article from the same source read ‘London had the lowest overall percentage of female directors in the whole of the UK.’ We at WYDM are not afraid to put the two words ‘leadership’ and ‘female’ together. We want to take a journey alongside our attendees to be a catalyst for change.

With a combination of keynote speakers addressing their successes and struggles, engaging with other women and healthy debates, we have long and short terms goals:

WYDM 26 for 26 Women's Event March 2014


Workshop Aims:

Short term goals:

- To create a safe, non-judgemental platform for women to be heard

- opportunity to hear experiences of other women 

- inspire our attendees in their journey to reach their next step in their potential

- To unite women from similar backgrounds who face common barriers


Long term goals:

- Domino effect for women to recognise the importance of being heard

- First series of workshops- plans to annual workshops

- To develop WYDM's values: Significance, Giving back, Equality, Compassion, and Gratitude


 Our workshops will not be a one off workshop, we believe in the longevity of our Movement and are looking to shape a series of workshops for both women and young people in the near future.


Some of the WYDM at our team meeting


Interesting Research:

As the majority of team are from Newham, we believe this statistics are important to know:

  • In the period 2011-12 almost 68% of Newham residents were classed as economically active, lower than the figures for both London and Great Britain.
  • 2011 Census information shows that Newham has the highest proportion of adults aged 16-64 who have never worked (2%) in England and Wales
  • 2011 Census Newham is 3rd bottom in its percentage of the whole population with 5 or more GCSEs (or equivalent)
  • Newham is also in the bottom 5 for its proportion of people who have undertaken apprenticeship schemes in England and Wales, and ranks last in its proportion of residents with vocational or work related qualifications

  •  In 2011 a report revealed that Newham had the highest proportion of adults 16-64 who have never worked in Engalnd and Wales.


  • 2014 Daily Mail


  • One in four females aged between 11 and 17 are weighed down by pressure to conform to an 'ideal notion' of how they should look, a survey suggests.
  • The study concludes that the low self-esteem will have a disastrous effect on their career prospects.

2014 http://www.theatlantic.com


  • In studies, men overestimate their abilities and performance, and women underestimate both. Their performances do not differ in quality.



  • One In Five Primary School Girls 'On A Diet'. More girls are avoiding class and sports because of appearance anxiety, with some saying the anti-obesity campaign is backfiring.



Where will your money go?

Since 2012, WYDM has been funded by our CEO, alongside donations from our friends and families. Whilst it has been a privilege to fundraise and bring awareness to other non-profit organisations, we are now in a new era as WYDM. Our Summer workshops are our first event as WYDM Limited. The reason we are seeking funding is to be able to host a FREE event for our attendees.



Room hire


Wi-fi access


Mic hire




Tables x4 minimum

included in hire

Chairs x40

included in hire


included in hire

Possible additional costs







Panel speaker 1

£20 travel reimbursement

Panel speaker 2

£20 travel reimbursement

Panel speaker 3

£20 travel reimbursement






Drinks x 35 ppl


Snacks & fruit x35 ppl


Possible additional costs









£20 travel reimbursement


£20 travel reimbursement













Please free to contact our workshop co-ordinator Jenn.WYDM@gmail.com to get more information or to get involved.


Thank you, 

The WYDM Team


Making positive changes, one person at a time. You matter.

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