What would YOU wish for?

We want to help disabled people to achieve some of the things that many of us take for granted.

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What we wish for...

...we want to help disabled people to achieve some of the things that many of us take for granted.

What would YOU wish for?

Do you long to climb Mount Everest? Would you like to fly to the moon? Is your greatest wish to play football for England?

For most of us, these are the things we only dream about, but the everyday things like going for a walk on the beach, going out for an evening with friends, or to a sports match - these are things many of us take for granted.

For many disabled people, it can be hard to achieve the things that some of us never give a second thought. If you need support workers to help you, that costs money, and you're dependent on their availability. Access can be difficult - if you're a wheelchair user, you can't just wheel onto the beach or go down the steps into a night club. Sometimes there are organisations to help you, but often, you have to play by their rules and do things their way. A disability can make it difficult to fit in with other people's systems.

CEDA works creatively with people to make things happen. We find creative solutions. We've helped people to go along the beach in a specially adapted horse and trap, we've taken people on trips to places they've always wanted to go, we help people to make music and take part in all sorts of other activities. We're also involved in more practical things as well such as helping people to find accommodation or access the right services to help them live their lives.

We've been doing lots of fundraising recently to help us to continue with our work, and we're doing really well but we need to do better so that we can help more disabled people.

With £2000, we can help Georgia and Kelly to have a night out, we can take Becca for a walk on the beach, and we can help Rob to go to a rugby match.

You can donate anything from £5 to £2000 by clicking on one of the boxes in the bar on the right hand side of this page. We have some lovely rewards for you, many created by CEDA members, ranging from the traditional 'feelgood factor' for a £5 donation up to dinner for two in the BT Tower for a gift of £2000.

What would YOU wish for?...