What if the person in our video was your daughter?

Walking on your own. Worried or threatened. See how with BigRedButton, the new personal safety service, on your phone you are safer.

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We created BigRedButton after our son was attacked.

As parents we wanted a better way to give our children immediate access to personal safety support.

Now they have it.

With the BigRedButton app on their phone they are safer.

Whenever they are heading off to school or sports activities, out with friends or away at college we are reassured that, even if we are not available, they can immediately talk to the BigRedButton team for support anytime they are worried. 


Get free BigRedButtons here to share with family and friends.

So if they are ever walking alone, travelling alone or working alone and feel they might be in trouble they have the perfect "just in case" personal safety app on their phone.

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What if the person in our video was your daughter?

We had a bad experience as a family. Our son was attacked one evening and, although he did everything we could have expected, trouble still found him.

Getting him the immediate help he needed involved several calls which increased the stress and worry for us and for him.

We knew there had to be a better way.

We looked for solutions but there are none that would have given us the support we needed.

 So we created BigRedButton, a great personal safety support service that everyone can have on their phone.

"Being a parent, I specifically see it being extremely effective on children’s phones." said The Stented Papa in his review (See below)

Get your free BigRedButtons by backing us here and gift to family and friends to help them stay safe.


How does BigRedButton work?

When you press the Button on your phone it immediately makes a call to the BigRedButton team.

They have over 20 years’ experience supporting people in emergency situations.

Pressing the Button also opens your personal profile screen for the team so they have all the information they need to help you.

1. Who you are:

The team will know who you are and they have your phone number so they can call you back. Important for kids we thought because they often don't have credit on their phone.

The team also knows how old you are so they can provide age appropriate support. 

As a parent you have the reassurance of knowing BigRedButton will answer your child's call for help if, for any reason, you are not available.

2. Where you are:

A map on the screen tells us where you are. So if you or your child are not sure we can help confirm your location. This is important information for the emergency services if they have to get involved.



3. Who your contacts are.

These will be the people you added when you signed up. You can add or remove people to suit your circumstances.

Add other parents so you create your own network of support, a colleague for yourself if you work away from the office or maybe a teacher if your child is going on a school trip.

4. How best to support you.

Depending on the situation, our team will:

  • Stay on the line with you while you take action to get to safety. Have a supportive voice on the line and know that if anything does happen we will immediately get you the help you need. But once you are happy you are safe just tell us and hang up.
  • If you need more support we will call and conference in Mum, Dad, or one of your other contacts. You make one call to us, we coordinate everything. You could call your contacts yourself but what if, the one time you need them, they don't answer. Or maybe you will delay making the call in case you worry or upset them. BigRedButton gives you another option so you don't have to go through any situation on your own.
  • If the situation escalates we can also conference in the emergency services (ECAS). We have worked closely and agreed protocols with ECAS.  They like that we can help confirm your name and location which can be important.


What we would like to achieve with your help.

We want people to know that the service is available to everyone and we need your help to do that.

By backing us on Crowdfunder you are letting us know it is a service parents will use.

We would also ask you to spread the word among family, friends, colleagues and on social media.

Your support is much appreciated.


Share free BigRedButtons with family and friends.

Check out our great offers for you and your family but also for clubs and organisations.

Give people you care about your free BigRedButtons for their phones so they too can stay safe.

If you are a business owner it is a great idea for keeping your staff safe.

The app is available for iPhone users now.

We are releasing the Android app soon and you can reserve yours now by choosing that offer.


Simple and easy to set up on your phone.

It is this easy to set up BigRedButton on your phone:

  • We send you a link to a special BigRedButton/Crowdfunder supporters landing page. You can share the link with the people to whom you want to gift your free Buttons.
  • Click the link, enter name and phone number on the page. You are automatically taken to download the app from the store.
  • Download and register in 3 quick and easy steps and you are good to go.

It only takes a few minutes.

For Android we will be in touch as soon as the new app is ready and we will have the same simple set up.


The affordable way to stay safe.

At £9.99 a year BigRedButton is the affordable way to help improve your family's personal safety. That's what we, as parents ourselves, want.

If you or your children decide, for whatever reason, you need help calls are charged at £1.75 per minute. We set it up this way because then you only pay for support if it is important and necessary.

All charges are billed to your credit card so, particularly for kids, they don't use phone credit.


BigRedButton. Get Connected, Stay Safe

If you would like to learn some more read a review from a parent blogger here who thinks it will be the "essential" safety app for parents:

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