Solution to surviving Flooding Disasters

by Dave Logan in Bygrave, England, United Kingdom

Solution to surviving Flooding Disasters
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We need investment to continue with our invention of a home which is a survival aid in flooded areas or areas in danger of flooding globally

by Dave Logan in Bygrave, England, United Kingdom

With the increase in global flooding causing people across the globe to lose their homes, their livelihoods and their lives there is an urgent need to find a solution to save as many of these as possible at an affordable price for everyone. We are seeking funding in order to build and promote our invention of an affordable liveable shelter that can withstand flooded conditions and save lives. These shelters can be a permanent shelter which is adapted for floods or a rescue shelter in flash flood areas. The shelter is designed to ship, construct and live in at an affordable price for both 3rd world countries but can also be used as temporary rescue shelters in flash flood areas globally. This is a genuine invention that will save many lives but we desperately need investment in order to get this from paper to people in need. Your help is very much appreciated.

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