The Dub Pistols - What Could Possibly Go Wrong

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'What Could Possibly Go Wrong' is a documentary that charts The Dub Pistols’ extraordinary journey from chancers to hot property to epic f**k-ups to unlikely triumphs...

Led by indefatigable south-Londoner Barry Ashworth, The Dub Pistols have lived every rock ’n’ roll cliche more vividly, knowingly and hilariously than almost any other British band. They’ve burned through record labels, band members, and hundreds of thousands of pounds with their almost heroic devotion to hedonism. Yet they have worked with heroes like The Specials, Busta Rhymes, Horace Andy, Madness and Gregory Isaacs, and have recently released their best album to date - ’The Return Of The Pistoleros’ out now on Sunday Best Recordings. And, after surviving 19 years, The Dub Pistols are busier than ever, having reinvented themselves as the ultimate Festival band, the go-to act to get a big crowd dancing.

“What Could Possibly Go Wrong, is about everything that’s ever happened to us, all the ups and downs, the victories and disasters,” says Barry. “I call us the most successful unsuccessful band of all time — and the hardest-working lazy b******s in the world. Sometimes I can’t believe we’re here, but we’ve survived and we’re doing better than ever."



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 The finished documentary will be premiered in spring 2017.


The making/birth of…  "What Could Possibly Go Wrong?"

An insight from the documentaries maker,  Dean Hennessy

Having spent numerous years as a musician touring the lengths and breadths of the country, the thing that stood out for me personally was not the gigs themselves nor the endless miles and the sites you see, but the laughs and banter you have along the way and the characters you meet. The music was always a given, so having a good craic made it so more worth while.

Then a few years later as a VJ doing live visuals for various bands, I was privy to many backstage antics with other bands. It was at that point that I started to explore the idea of trying to capture some of the backstage banter of the bands on film.

At that time I'd already setup a video production company primarily producing music videos and promos. Then one night whilst out with the Dub Pistols at a show everything just fell into place. I was fortunate enough to capture some of the backstage shenanigans with the Dubs. Off the back of that night everything clicked and before you knew it we were making a full length feature documentary about The Dub Pistols. Not only the backstage laughs, but the incredible hedonistic history and hilarious journey of the Dub Pistols. 

The Dub Pistols' story reads like an A to Z of cautionary tales for any band. Amid the shocking stories that sometimes beggars belief, the overriding factor throughout is of a band ready to take on the world but at the same time simply wanting to party and ensure that everyone else is part of the party with the emphasis on good times. 

Making the documentary has been a joy and total eye opener. The level of musicianship, professionalism, camaraderie and dedication to 'living the life you love and loving the life you live' personifies the Dub Pistols. 

We filmed at many shows and festivals, simultaneously grabbing sound-bytes and interviews along the way from many familiar faces, all keen to share their take and personal experiences on The Dub Pistols. 

They say "a band is only as good as your frontman", but in Barry Ashworth the Dub Pistols have so much more... 
















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