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We aim to host Woman! Get Your Coins again in 2019. To teach skills on business, finance, debt, credit control, savings and more

by Woman of Significance in Croydon, England, United Kingdom

Woman of Significance ("WOS") is an organisation aimed at empowering both young and mature women in the United Kingdom.

WOS is for the woman who feels purposeless, ungifted and insignificant in this world. We help this woman by hosting a variety of themed events and workshops that teach her that she is significant, she is valued and she can drive change to do great things with her life. We aim to equip each woman with practical skills and tools to benefit her social, economic, mental and physical needs both in the short and long term.

We started by doing some initial research in our local community to find out which areas women would be interested in receiving help. The responses showed a trend of women feeling stuck in a cycle of financial hardship, aspiring to pursue financial freedom, but lacking even the basics of financial understanding. We then came across the Financial Conduct Authority's findings from October 2017 which reflected what we were hearing in the community:

· (48%) of women aged 18‑24 have used some form of credit or loan in the last 12 months, compared with 37% of men.

· Women aged 18‑24 with an active credit card are also more likely to revolve their balance than men.

· Over six in ten (62%) men pay off their credit card outstanding balance every month, compared with just half (50%) of women

· Women account for 55% of 25‑34 year-old credit card revolvers

·79% of store card revolvers, and 77% of catalogue credit revolvers

This is why we chose our first event to be "Woman! Get Your Coins".

With the help of the 10 permanent WOS volunteers and four guest speakers, Woman! Get Your Coins saw in excess of 250 women from Croydon and across the wider London community come together in January 2018 to discuss and learn about personal finances, business and entrepreneurship. We taught skills on debt management, credit control, and savings, equipping women with the tools and most importantly, the confidence to tackle the unknown, understand the realities of personal finances and have better control over their economic situation for life. Please watch the highlight video in the link below.

We believe it is urgent that we begin to educate women in personal finances to decrease the reliance on unsustainable borrowing, increase the financial choices they can make and for some, simply improve the day to day quality of life for themselves and their families. We believe Woman! Get Your Coins will not only impact the women in our local community but will allow them to pass on the financial knowledge they gain to the generations to come after them.

To date, WOS has been solely financed by our founder along with donations from family and close friends, plus the proceeds made from our events. In order to continue driving change to the finances of the women in our community, additional funding is needed. We would like you to financially sponsor WOS and our next events to contribute to the next three Woman! Get Your Coins events and establish a one on one personal mentoring scheme for the women who attend our events. We have also entered into the Aviva community funding scheme with high hopes of winning. We would hope by this time to have gained enough momentum to be able to be self-sufficient for the foreseeable future.


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