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We are aiming to raise funds to be able to support more children in our local community to play football through providing training & kit.

by Weymouth FC - Youth in Granby Industrial Estate, England, United Kingdom


We are the Youth Section of the town team, Weymouth FC. We are run by a board of volunteers, within which are coaches and managers who also volunteer their time to providing footballing opportunities to children in our community in Dorset. We raise all our own funds through projects such as Crowdfunder and sponsored events which are participated in by the children and their families. 


We want to be able to raise more funds to open up our reach by being able to afford to train more coaches, buy more equipment, hire facilities to train and buy kits for the children to play in comfortably. We want to promote the female side of football and appeal to and engage more girls in the sport. We want to expand into areas of the town with low cost sessions so we can host events and training sessions to those who may not be able to arrange transport to current sessions. We would like to improve the training level of coaches so they can be their best and therefore offer the best.


We have experience working with children from all walks of life including differently abled children such as those with Autism, ADHD, learning difficulties, physical disabilities and those with complex family needs. We believe that ALL children should have the chance to engage in a sport and football is a social, fun, respectful and entertaining sport which develops all aspects of a child's life. All of our coaches are FA Qualified Coaches, with Safeguarding and First Aid Qualifications and a regularly updated and enhanced CRC certificates. Some of our coaches are newly qualified and some have been coaching for over 10 years.

We also offer a Weymouth FC - Youth Scholarship Programme which is a discreet way of identifying and funding children who cannot afford the minimum monthly subscription fee and making available reduced fees for those with more than one child in a family, playing for the Youth Section


As part of the town team we are able to offer free passes to our youth players to watch the adult team play football where they get to see the progression from whatever age group they are currently part of to adult football. This inspires them to always try their hardest, allow them to see that they can progress and develop their sport, engage in time with friends watching football without the pressure of having to perform themselves and engage in team bonding (when coming with their team)or family time when coming to matches with a family member. We also offer the chance to all youth clubs in Dorset (not just our own) to be Flag Bearers which is similar to mascot duties and gives a real sense of pride and community spirit. This is also important to encourage positive relations between our own youth section and those of other local clubs. We also give the children as much opportunity as possible to play football or train at the ground at the end of the adult season and we hold an annual tournament in the stadium to invite teams all around the country to play football.


Weymouth FC doesn't believe in just teaching children how to play football but to engage with their peers, build long lasting friendships, develop their confidence and other key life skills. Coaches are often an important role model to a child so the right training is imperative.

As a club we believe in diversity and tackling social exclusion, giving people life skills as well as football skills whilst developing a real sense of community.

We teach RESPECT as a fundamental principle. Respect for ourselves, for our team mates, our officials and the game as a whole is extremely important.

We believe that football isn't the only area we should care about with our Youth Players. With the appropriate Safeguarding and Welfare measures we use Social Media to promote their achievements on and off the field where we recognise and promote educational achievements and personal achievements. We also have an annual Cup (called the Ron Moscrop Cup sponsored by the Moscrop Family) which recognises Outstanding Effort and Dedication which is recognition of a youth players whole attitude not just achievement in their team through things like goals scored or saved, but rather through things like effort put into the team, being a constantly caring and thoughtful team mate etc. They are nominated by their manager and is judged by an outside panel made up of the Moscrop Family who discuss the reasons why they've been nominated, before making a decision. Not only will the winner of the Cup be recognised but all nominees recieve a small reward.


We are a 100% volunteer run club.

Without funds such as those which come from things like Crowdfunding we are limited on what we can offer and how many people we can offer it to. We have a fixed amount coming into the club through monthly subs and want to keep that cost to parents as low as possible making it more accessible. Other funds are raised through hosting a tournament in the summer, sponsored events such as walks, donations and grants (which are extremely hard to obtain).

By donating today you are helping to train a coach or provide a football kit, engage a child in sport, making opportunities to make friends where children may find it difficult to do otherwise and even maybe help to fund another team where we can open up these opportunities to dozens more children. Be a Weymouth FC Hero and donate! Thank you.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

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For everyone who donates £10 they will be put into a prize draw for a family ticket (2x adults and 2 x children) to a home league game of their choice in the 2018/19 season (excluding cup games)

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