#WeThePeople - A Grime Musical

by Anonymous in London, England, United Kingdom

#WeThePeople - A Grime Musical


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Raising funds to produce a Grime Musical Soundtrack about the English Civil War 1642-51. Funded by the people... for the people

by Anonymous in London, England, United Kingdom

#WEThePeople is an exciting idea for a Grime Musical about the 50 days leading to the English Civil War - a time, similar to the fall out of Brexit, which split the nation and changed the country forever.

"Cos this war, it was seldom civil 

It was the innocent who wound up caught in the middle

Of this argument, about sovereignty

This argument still rages strong – you see?"

© #WeThePeople - 2019


A Grime Musical funded by the people, for the people. For too long -Theatre has excluded the average person, reserving itself for the wealthiest in society. Our idea is what taking back control SHOULD look like. Using aspiring artists and actors from diverse backgrounds, we hope to fuse our countries history with Grime and change the way the past is communicated, forever!


The idea for this musical emerged out of the ruins of Brexit. On December 21st, 2018 a friend of mine and I were near Whitehall and discussing Brexit, as most people on that day probably were and most people today probably still are. My friend declared that nothing comparable had happened in our country since the Parliamentary Civil War. I pondered the similarities: Both events emerged as a result of complex European relationships and divided notions around sovereignty. The use of propaganda and fear-mongering were as prevalent in the 1640s as they were in 2016, and both conflicts divided communities in painful ways. As I walked home that evening I approached Parliament and Skepta’s Shutdown came on in my headphones. I instantly thought about King Charles closing down Parliament in 1629 and pictured a stage parody with a grime MC dressed as a Puritan MP, rapping about the dismissal of Parliament. This was my spark.

Early forms of hip -hop/rap were inherently political and used as a form of protest. Public Enemy’s Fight The Power and NWA’s Fu** The Police both stemmed from the Black Panther movement of the 1970s. What better way to discuss Britain’s political past than through art forms of today? 2019 has seen Stormzy headline at Glastonbury and win a BRIT award for best album. Grime is finally getting the recognition it deserves but there’s so much more talent out there that’s untapped.

WE THE PEOPLE seeks to tell the story of a 50 day period where the very foundations of England were shattered, culminating in the Civil War. The year is 1640 and King Charles, on his way back to London after suppressing a rebellion in Scotland, is about to be formally challenged by a handful of MPs and radical common men, all sharing the belief that men are born equal. With the backdrop of the Reformation still looming over Europe- pockets of England, now a Protestant country, are enraged with the notion of a French-born Catholic Queen in Henrietta and tyrannical King in Charles ruling over them. One of these critics is John Pym and with a band of rebel MPs and radical thinkers, decides to issue a challenge to the King’s power. Through early forms of propaganda and shrewd political maneuvering, the nation is about to be plunged headfirst into a conflict that pitted neighbor vs neighbor and shattered the very core of our constitution.

How we will reward your help:

Donations over £5 will receive a production credit. ALL donation proceeds will go towards paying artists for their time. The initial aim is to raise enough funds to produce an EP.

What if we raise more than the target? 

Fantastic! We will be able to put more money towards creating the Musical in the long term. 

Let's make '#WeThePeople - A Grime Musical' happen

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