weSwitch4u - Insurance and Energy auto-switching

by Haroon in London, England, United Kingdom

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We want to save people time and money on energy and insurance, be the new consumer welfare champion and demonstrate social enterprises work!

by Haroon in London, England, United Kingdom

As an ex- asset manager in the city I always felt that my job had no meaning or benefit (not to society at least), quite the opposite in fact. I can't remember the last time whilst on a plane a panic-stricken passenger shouted 'is anyone on board a city trader'. In the last decade I have seen the media bombard the UK public with story after story on issues plaguing society. Here was a chance to make a difference. 

WeSwitch4u challenges every aspect of business design where customers/the public aren't ordinarily the primary focus. Oddly this isn't the norm even though corporates would like us to believe so. In an effort to maximise profits businesses are becoming increasingly good at luring customers into products or services they don't want or need, and making it very difficult for customers to determine the true value of a good or service. It's about time tech/data worked FOR customers, not for corporates AGAINST customers. Many businesses will tell you about how tech has improved purchases/products for the customer, often when all things are considered (social, environmental, economic).. customers are worse off. We want to challenge that in a market desperately in need of it.

By being incredibly resourceful, constantly mindful of our social benefit aims and our desire to deliver an honest, transparent and sustainable service we have created the first household insurance and energy switching service in the country. Our insurance service requires us to be authorised and regulated by the FCA unlike energy only switching sites. We are 100% impartial and include all publicly available energy firms in our comparison services and almost the entire regular car insurance market (home will be live soon).

We have been funded entirely from founding capital and as a social enterprise have no intention to stray from our social benefit objectives which means we are scalable, and have extremely low running costs in a market as big as this.

Our software and service exceeds that of our peers (note: we do far more than they do, but on energy alone our UI and features standout). Our beneficiary list is growing as worthy causes start to appreciate our potential and believe in our sincere aims. 

When the idea was conceived some 2.5yrs ago, few thought we could construct a business in a market as ruthless and predatory as insurance and energy and offer a service more valuable than the competition with the resources we had, let alone one that gives 70% of it's profits to charity, or one that makes the competition look rather lacklustre.. yet here we are. 

Please visit our site to find out more: https://weSwitch4u.com

With the support of customers, potential investors and the general public we hope we can restore some balance into an increasingly unequal, unfair and fragmented society. 

Yours Faithfully,



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One years subscription to our energy switching/management service.

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One years subscription to both our insurance and energy switching/management service.

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