WeStandWithSouthSudan Humanitarian Aid Tour

WeStandWithSouthSudan Humanitarian Aid Tour

The money raised will be directly used to support and improve the livelihood of refugees in camps and crisis victims in South Sudan.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Howdy All!! My name is Scott and I'm planning to embark on a Humanitarian Aid Tour to South Sudan to help the needy communities in Juba and Pajok County. I am extremely passionate to volunteer on any good course, and the #SouthSudanCrisisAppeal is one worth following. I love to take my positive energy all over the world to communities with need of Humanitarian Assistance, Emergency response and Crisis Management.

My time in South Sudan will be spent volunteering in the Refugee camps in Sudan, working with the abandoned children, expectant mothers and the elderly.

South Sudan and the recent Crisis at a Glance. South Sudan suffers from man-made humanitarian crisis for over three years with now, the renewed conflicts even more scornful. Thousands of refugees flee their country for safety in the neighboring countries. They suffer from conflict and instability, sexual abuse, executions and other human rights abuses, continuously amid severe humanitarian needs. Below are links to the very recent happenings.



We're so incredibly lucky to be born into a life of comfort and we have more than enough resources to warrant generosity amongst those less fortunate or those from continuing developing countries. With that, I'm seeking your love, support and any monetary resources you may have for donations.

Donations' Goals and Objectives:

The help you offer, together with input from other charity organizations, will directly be used to assist in;

  • The purchase of food supplies for refugees in refugee camps
  • Water, clothing, bedding
  • Expand temporary shelter for growing population.
  • Educate the community on crisis management and hygiene.
  • Build more temporary latrines for human waste disposal to prevent disease outbreak

All these people need to see that they have caring brothers and sisters all over the world. So if you haven't done something good today, why don't you hit the donate button and support #SouthSudanCrisisAppeal. Any donations will be greatly appreciated. Your generosity will work wonders in reducing the looming starvation and more needs with the children and the general community of South Sudan. Thank you very much for taking time to read this.

God Bless You Abundantly!!!!