West Kilbride Corona Virus Community Support Group

by Fi Thorburn in West Kilbride, Scotland, United Kingdom

West Kilbride Corona Virus Community Support Group


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Flexible funding – this project will receive all pledges made by 18th April 2020 at 3:40pm

To raise funds to assist us with start up&basic running costs such as fuel, administration&identifiable jackets or vests.

by Fi Thorburn in West Kilbride, Scotland, United Kingdom

New stretch target

This fund will support the village as its needs evolve. Once running costs are met the money will be used to address hardship and social isolation, regardless of whether corona virus is still active or not. It would be great if out of this tragic situation we could maintain this newly charged community spirit. 

We are a self-organised group of volunteers working to support the local community of West Kilbride, Seamill and its bordering rural area. We are working in close collaboration with the pharmacy to deliver prescriptions to those that are self-isolating, distancing and unwell at this time. We have ensured that the community is aware that they can call on us to support them with groceries and errands. We have the full support of North Ayrshire Council and have an open communication with them regarding our needs and ideas. As initiatives are introduced by the council, food banks and ourselves we will be mediating between everyone to ensure needs are met. By having resources of our own to draw on we will be able to see where we can bridge any gaps. 

We require a steady supply of masks, gloves, cleaning products and hand gels in order to fulfil our tasks without putting our neighbours at risk or vice versa. As people are distancing or isolating we will be working to look after you so we must have the equipment to look after ourselves. We would like to have enough of this to share with those in need by offering refills for example.

 As well as practical running costs we hope to be able to assist our fellow Villagers with the hardships they may face as time goes on, by evolving and adapting to fit needs as and when they develop. 

 We believe that mental and emotional well being is paramount to our health as a whole. We are creating a friendship network of people that are there to support each other, working to get the community we will support them in every way possible. Perhaps it might be as simple as getting someone online that is in isolation and talking them through how to video chat, making sure someone can top their phone up to stay in touch, or gifting board games to households. 

We will Your help will be greatly appreciated as we unite to meet the immediate practical and social needs of the community. 

Our motto is Preparation not Panic. We are organised and we are fully invested in our community. We have got this. 

Should this virus pass us by quickly and there are funds available still, the money will still belong to the village. We can decide as a village how to invest it. Perhaps after experiencing isolation we could use it to nurture relationships in the community with those that already experience isolation?

This crowdfunding page is being created in direct response to individuals who have asked how to support us financially. It seems this is the most organised way to do so. Thank you. 

Let's make 'West Kilbride Corona Virus Community Support Group' happen

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