West Highland Way Tyre Pull

by Kris Law in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

West Highland Way Tyre Pull


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Collect crucial data for climate scientists from one of the worlds most vulnerable places.

by Kris Law in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

The Tyre Drag

The West Highland Way is 154km/96 miles long. On the 22nd August, I'll be dragging a tyre the whole length, to raise funds and awareness for my part in the #LastPole Arctic Expedition. I'm expecting this to take me at least 4 days. 

The Expedition

I’m going to a place yet to be reached by humankind, the Northern Pole of Inaccessibility. 

Yes, it sounds like somewhere from an Indiana Jones movie.... but It’s a real place and it’s located in the centre of the arctic ocean, at the furthest point from land and rescue.

It's actually 270 miles further from land than the geographic north pole. (where Santa lives)

Next February, I will be joining a team from the Ice Warrior Project, who take ordinary people, like me, and train them to be polar explorers.

The team will be trekking for 800 miles across moving sea ice for approximately 80 days in temperatures as low as -40.  

The Science

The Arctic is changing fast. We need to act fast and learn as much as we can, as quickly as we can if we want to save this incredibly important and beautiful part of our planet.

During the expedition, the team will be collecting crucial data about pollution, polar bears, weather and the sea ice.

This will allow climate scientists from the Met Office and NASA funded organizations to understand and predict what is happening in the Arctic and what that means for us and the species we're determined to protect.

Support Us

To make this all happen, we need your help!

By supporting the expedition you will be recognized as a supporter of ordinary people trying to make a difference towards changing our planet before it’s too late. 

You can support us by giving a small donation to the expedition for which you will be featured on my honour roll, receive a personal thank you for doing your part for climate science and I will keep you up to date through my entire journey.

Become a Sponsor

I’m also looking for local companies who want their brand involved in something exciting and record-breaking. 

By becoming a sponsor, your logo will be on my kit and equipment, or I will carry your flag to the pole, and so you’ll be giving your brand exposure to potentially millions of viewers around the world. 

The past two expeditions by Ice Warrior have received global media coverage from the likes of the BBC and Sky. You will also be prominent on my blog and my social media as a supporter of this unique endeavour.

Come with us, support us and let’s make history together and help contribute to saving our planet.

Let's make 'West Highland Way Tyre Pull' happen

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