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We did it
On 19th April 2017 we successfully raised £3,805 with 116 supporters in 56 days

To maintain EU citizenship for Students, to offer opportunities to young people in the EU and to give the vote to 16 year olds.

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Who are we?


Students For The EU is more than just an anti Brexit movement, it's a group of students aiming to protect the interest of young people in European education programs, such as ERASMUS, and their interests in the European Union and British Political system.
For too long 16 -17 year olds have been undermined and left out of serious political discussions which have an effect on our lives directly.
Students For The EU aims to change that. We aim to push for a more inclusive political scene in the United Kingdom by campaigning for votes at 16 and the introduction of Politics as a compulsory subject in secondary schools.
Apart from that Students For The EU is to be a home for cultural events and further educational opportunities. We aim to be a movement where experiences are given to those who want to learn more about the European Union and its great benefits. We’d like to do this by working with the European Parliament and engaging our supporters in projects such as the European Corps Project and work placement schemes in the Parliament.

The next two years are going to be crucial for our nations history and we want to make sure that Students have a say in it.  2019 could either be seen as the year we lose our rights, identity and access to a wide range of educational projects in the European Union,  or the year in which we rebel against the Conservative government by bringing it to an end, along with Brexit.

Why we students value the EU so much: 

The EU plays a significant role in helping young people to develop friendships and skills which we value greatly.

Schemes such as Erasmus allow us to study abroad which helps us to develop both academic and practical skills. Erasmus has helped hundreds of thousands of young people to develop these skills, many of whom need in order to go forward in life. We want to protect the future of UK students in schemes such as Erasmus. We want to send a clear message that in leaving the European Union you genuinely take away our future.

The EU doesn't just help us, it helps millions of other people too. The European Solidarity Corps is a European initiative which creates opportunities for young people to volunteer or work in projects in their own country or abroad that benefit communities and people around Europe. But this will not be applicable to UK students if we leave. This takes away hundreds of possible opportunities for young people across the UK which is damaging to our future. Whilst schemes such as this exist in the UK, most are only possible if you can afford it. Some families can't afford to take part in such projects and so the EU has been consistent in offering these opportunities to people regardless of their financial background.

"United In Diversity" means something to us. It means no matter who you are the EU will always unite us - that couldn't mean more to young people!


So, what do we want to achive over the next 3 years? (Aims and objectives)

1) Campaign To Maintain

First of all we want to campaign hard to give all young people from the ages of 11 the opportunity to maintain their EU citizenship, to make sure that they can enjoy the full benefits of the EU which many of us already experience.The European Union is our home and Nationality. We never voted for Brexit and so we don't want to lose the rights that protect us. 

2) European Parliament Internship 

Secondly we'd like to create opportunities for young people in the European Union. We believe that in understanding how the EU Parliament, Commission and Council works is important, so we'd like to kickstart a work placement project to help 6th form students gain the experience of how the current institution works. We'd like to achieve this by working directly with the EU and local MEPs.

3) Votes at 16

And finally we'd like to see the vote at 16. People ask "Why give 16 year olds the vote? They're not even interested." Well even if that were true, those who would turn out to vote would be those who are interested and have a genuine passion for politics. With it being our future we should have the right to vote on it. After all once you turn 16 you're able to pay tax, get married/ raise a child, join the Armed Forces and leave home. If the Government are happy to give us all that responsibility surely we should be allowed to vote on who has control over it all.

In giving 16 year olds the vote we could also campaign to have politics taught in schools a compulsory subject. Education is key and so schools need to be doing more to ensure that young people are being given the knowledge so that they can make a decision.





•What do we need the funds for?

We need money for two main reasons: to run two succesful campaigns at the same time for a 3 year period (minimum). The second reason is to promote the proposed work placement program as well as facilitating the needs of Students For The EU in the long run, e.g setting up local and univeristy groups to maximise our pottential.


National advertising and Universities/Local Area Campaign:

Ads in national newspapers and on buildboards to promote both the votes at 16 and Maintain Campaign £16,000

Other ads including banners, leaflets flyers,poster,badges and T-shirts - e.g. £16,250

Total Cost = £32,250

Work Placement Program For 15-18 year olds:

We'd like to put aside £10,000 to kick start the work placement program which will give a limited ammount of young people the opportunity to gain experience at the European Parliment for 4 days. The launch of the Program will only be possible once relationships betweeen Students For The EU and the European Union have been formed. If the program is a success we will look at gaining further funds to continue.

Total Cost = £10,000

 Online, Social Media and Media funds for 3 years:

Students For The EU website maintenance / day to day business - £1,000

Faceboook and Instgram promotions - £1,500

Total Cost = £2,600


The Young European Newspaper

Cost towards financing the first 20 issues of The Young European which is written by under 25s. These cost will be;

  • Printing 
  • Press passes (if we see neccesary) 
  • Online promotion e.g Social media and webite. 

Total Cost = £3,000

Students For The EU Launch Event 

Students For The EU will hold a launch event for people of all ages to attend. It will celebrate the 1 year annivesary of Students For The EU as well as the success of the crowdfunder. (This will depend on our reached target)

Total Cost = 2,150


GRAND TOTAL = £50,000


 For any more information please contact us on: , +44 7512617966

Students For The EU will support and campaign for a host of other things such as political reform in the UK and the rights of EU citizens as well as the right for UK residents to maintain their EU citizenship. As it currently stand Students For The EU want to help promote young people in the world of politics and this is what we set out to do.

Thank you for reading and we hope to have your support, loyalty and passion. 

Students For The EU team. 

(Information on the funds: The following individuls have insights and control over the accounts of  Students For The EU. Felix Milbank - President & Founder of Students For The EU, Peter French - Original Organizer of Unite For Europe March 2017 & trusted Co- Director of UforE ltd. 

We will provide receipts and reports of all the money spent on leafleting, advertisement,events for our campaigns and organised meeting between the President and Vice President with public ffigures who seek to indorce Students For The EU. All donations go towards building Students For The EU and it's structure to support it's aims and objectives for young people over the next few years. Students For The EU have a dedicated committe which is chaired by Will Durrant, Dominic Buxton and Madeleina Kay. All information provided above has been voted on and agreed by the current committe of 8 people. ) 

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