Wendys Woofers Rescue Team

by Wendys Woofers Rescue Team in Whitworth, England, United Kingdom

Wendys Woofers Rescue Team
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Our aim is to continue to support rescuers in Romania, finding loving homes, sending regular wagons of aid and highlighting their plight.

by Wendys Woofers Rescue Team in Whitworth, England, United Kingdom

  • Rob Groves and his Quest4hope team will be undertaking an epic challenge this September. Over 14 days from 2nd September to 15th Rob will take the challenge to Hand-cycle 1,000 miles using only his arms travelling to 12 cities bringing awareness to the stray dogs in Romania. Rob will be Supporting Wendy’s Woofers Rescue Team bringing awareness to the amazing work Wendy and her team do in Romania With support from Quest4hope Wendy’s Woofers Rescue Team can continue the amazing work that they do. Every single penny donated is very much appreciated.

    Rob is an endurance hand-cyclist and loves riding his hand-cycle. He loves to be active outdoors, to learn, to figure out ways around challenges, and to share special experiences and journeys with friends and people from all walks of life. Life has taught him the importance of holding tight to belief, and never, ever giving up. Rob’s wants to inspire others to realise that just because you have a disability, doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve your dreams. 

    Rob is an active animal activist supporting many animal campaigns. In 2017 he hand-cycled 2,500 miles in 27 days, raising awareness to our dying oceans. In 2018 he set up his Quest4hope project in which he has pledged to hand-cycle 10,000 miles over the next three years supporting many animal campaigns.

  • Wendy’s Woofers is a small, self-funded UK rescue, dedicated to rescuing the forgotten, abandoned and neglected dogs of Romania. 

We work closely with a small group of individual rescuers in Romania, who work tirelessly and selflessly to save, rescue and care for as many dogs in need as they can. The plight of the stray dog population in Romania is appalling, they are treated as vermin and they suffer unimaginable cruelty, abuse, neglect maltreatment and hardship. The compassion, dedication and love of our rescuers is humbling, they are truly amazing human beings who make such a difference to the lives of so many of Romania’s forgotten dogs. 

Wendy’s Woofers supports our incredible rescuers by finding loving forever homes in the UK, for the dogs in their care. 

But it doesn’t stop there, because as well as finding wonderful homes for our dogs, we also support our rescuers with our Aid Wagons. Several times each year, we send huge wagons crammed full of food, treats, medical supplies, blankets, beds, bedding, toys, even construction equipment and tools for the rescuers to maintain their shelters. And we also support the poorer people in the villages, by providing food, clothing, furniture, baby equipment and children’s toys. 

Wendy’s Woofers is a not-for-profit organisation. We are not a charity, we are not a business, nor do we receive funding or external support. We are funded entirely through personal finances and any donations we receive. The adoption donations we receive when we rehome our gorgeous pooches, are ploughed straight back into the rescue work, and are used to help many, many more dogs in need.

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