Wem Messy Play startup

Wem Messy Play startup

I am raising funds to start up a messy play session once a week in Wem. Funds raised will pay for initial equipment, fees & supplies.

We did it!

On 28th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £45 with 4 supporters in 42 days

Hello and thank you for checking out my project!

I am raising funds to be able to run a regular (initially fortnightly, moving to weekly) messy play session for kids aged 0-5 in Wem, Shropshire. 

I am Mum to two kids myself: a 4-year-old boy and nearly 18-month-old girl. Like all kids, my two love new and exciting things and discovering different things. My son is very inquisitive and has a real thirst for knowledge. My daughter is a typical toddler, wanting to experience everything, but also has gross motor delay and cannot walk or stand on her own, has difficulty getting around (she 'bum-shuffles' but this takes a lot of energy) and isn't able to do a lot of the physical things her peers are able to do. Recently we went to a kids' festival which has a big messy play tent and both kids LOVED it. My son was able to use his need to learn to study and manipulate the different items in the tent, and my daughter was encouraged by all the experiences to move around and get stuck in. It was the most mobile and engaged I have ever seen her. It was at that point that I thought that this would be a wonderful thing to share with other parents and carers around me.

So the idea of 'Kids Get Messy' was born.

A venue has been found: Wem Youth Club and a day & time has been picked after I received input from over 30 people who were interested in attending. There will be room for up to 25 kids to come and get messy on a Thursday from 10-11AM. Initially it will be run fortnightly, with the session hopefully going weekly as soon as possible. There has been a request for sessions on a Tuesday, so they will likely alternate Tuesday/Thursday.

This crowdfunding campaign is aimed at the initial set-up for the sessions. There will be four 'stations' of different messy and/or sensory play opportunities each week, and the stations will normally have a large 'Tuff tray' as the base. The floor will be covered in large tarpaulins, with foam matting on top to ensure no one can slip & fall. I have also already invested in a wet/dry vacuum to clean up afterwards. These items unfortunately do come at a cost and this campaign aims to cover the costs of these larger items. There are further 'stretch' wishes such as a sensory tent, pop-up ball pit and larger art equipment.

It will also aim to cover the initial 6 weeks of room rental. This gives the sessions a solid foundation, and helps everyone to know that the sessions will definitely be going ahead.

Lastly is the consumables involved in a venture like this. Messy play incorporates lots of both common and uncommon items. Everyday household products like shaving foam, flour, cornstarch and water are combined with water beads, weird & wonderful foodstuffs, magic sand and small foam balls. The list is endless. No, it really is; my Pinterest idea board grows every day and already has over 100 ideas!


Of course there will be rewards for everyone who donates and supports the campaign. Entry to each session will normally be as follows:
Single session, per child: £3
3-session multibuy card: £8.25
5-session multibuy card: £12.50
7-session multibuy card: £15.75
10-session multibuy card: £20

However, the following donations will lead to these rewards:

All donations: A personal mention on social media and on signage at the sessions

£6 donation: A 3-session card

£10 donation: A 5-session card

£13 donation: A 7-session card

£17 donation: A 10-session card

£19 donation: A 10-session card and the first session free

All donations are gratefully received and will be put to work on these sessions. The first session has been pencilled in for Thursday 3rd August.

Finances in detail:

Tuff trays: £15.90 each, total £63.60
Giant tarpaulin: £12.48  each, total £24.96
Foam floor mats: £29.94 per set, total £59.88
Wet/dry vacuum: £35 (retrospective as already purchased)
6 weeks room rental: £180
Consumables: £40

Total needed: £403.44 - rounded down to £400 for ease!

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