Help Welwyn Hatfield Green Party elect an MP

We need to raise money to help cover election costs - leaflets to every house in the constituency, £500 deposit, extra leaflets, etc.

We did it!

On 14th Mar 2015 we successfully raised £508 of £500 target with 19 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

This could help us pay for a second mailing to every house in the constituency.  We would also like to be able to afford a lot more posters, so our supports can display these across the constituency - extra copies of Marc's local poster as well as a selection of the striking posters produced by the national Green Party.

Project aim

Please will you help us raise funds to fight for the common good in the general election?

About the project

You’ve probably read loads in the news about the huge surge in Green Party membership over the past few months.  We’re really keen to represent these supporters, but, unlike other parties, we refuse to take money from businesses.  Instead, we’re reliant upon the generosity of individual supporters and we work hard to ensure we make the most of every single penny

In Welwyn Hatfield, we are fortunate to have a wonderful candidate – Marc Scheimann, a longstanding member of the Green Party, who has been a local councillor representing the party. 

So why are people flocking to the Green Party?  Quite simply – they like our policies.  All of them, not just the environmental ones.   They like that:

  • We want everyone to receive a fair living wage
  • We want to tax the bankers who destroyed our economy
  • We want to protect our beloved NHS
  • We want to renationalise the railways and slash public transport fares
  • We are fighting to stop fracking companies pouring toxic chemicals into our land and triggering earthquakes over hundreds of miles

They like that we believe passionately in the common good.

Locally, in Welwyn Hatfield, we have some active campaigns running, including:

  • Fighting alongisde other organisations to stop the Hatfield incinerator
  • To prevent Herts County Council slashing subsidies for bus services
  • To ensure any local housing developments are not destroying our Green Belt, are environmentally responsible, and offer affordable housing for local people
  • To get a safe crossing outside Haldens shops

Please help us meet the costs of Marc’s election campaign in Welwyn Hatfield.   Your money could help fund a leaflet delivery to every house in the constituency, and cover his £500 deposit, and maybe even buy us some extra leaflets. Every single pound will be an invaluable step towards our goal. Please help us get our message out to everyone else who wants and better, fairer, inclusive society. 

Visit us on Facebook

Or our branch website

Or contact Marc by email

**If you pledge £50 or over you must be on the electoral register and willing to provide your identification details.

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