Welsh Homeless World Cup Teams

by Keri Harris in Blaenymaes, Wales, United Kingdom

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Support Wales' women's and men's teams to compete at the Mexico Homeless World Cup 2018 and come back home to the support they need

by Keri Harris in Blaenymaes, Wales, United Kingdom

Wales are going to the World Cup! Show your support

Your Welsh men's and women's teams are off to compete at the  2018 Homeless World Cup in Mexico. They've been on a remarkable journey and we're asking you to get behind the team, ensure their trip to Mexico is a success and that when they return home, they have the very best chance of finding a stable life at home.

Your pledges will change players lives

We're aiming to raise £1500 for every player we take to Mexico - £30,000 in total. That's probably less than your favourite team's not so handy substitute goalie is making each week for sitting on the bench, but it's enough to run a network of matchdays and support surgeries across Wales for six months.

Street football "this works"

Streetfootball Wales is a charity working with over 1000 people across Wales who are homeless or have been homeless. We use football to tackle homelessness and it works, helping players turn their lives around to find stability, happiness and a place to call home. 

Being involved in regular football matchdays, being part of a team, exercising and building confidence is a game changer for people who have often led difficult lives and face huge personal challenges. At our matchdays, held regularly across Wales, we provide access to loads of practical advice and support - everything from substance misuse counselling, employment coaching to free haircuts. It all creates a support network, the street football Wales family that players can escape into, far away from the difficulties of their daily lives.

We've had countless success stories and our players report that their involvement has a huge positive impact on their health and wellbeing. Involvement in Street Football makes players far more likely to engage with other support and move on with their lives, into better health, education, employment and stable housing tenancies. We partner with a wide range of charities and providers to help join up the dots for players and make sure being part of Street Football Wales becomes a life changing journey.

“I spent the last few years looking for good ideas and good work in Wales – not just ideas that look good on paper but ideas that work in real life and change people’s lives.  

Of all the ideas I have heard, this works. Everyone here has had their life changed or is having their life changed.  I don’t see anything better than this.”

Michael Sheen, Actor and Patron of Street Football Wales


Onwards to Mexico...

We're about to take our men's and women's teams to Mexico - it'll be most of the squad's first trip abroad and with over 50 teams from around the world descending on central Mexico City for a week long tournament, it will be an exhilarating but daunting experience. We know from previous world cups that the build up and tournament is a massive high, for many players it's the best week of their lives. We also know that the return home is hard, not least because most of our team to don't have a real home to come back to. Many return full of confidence from representing their country but full of fear for the challenges they face.

Bring the teams home to your support

We want to ensure that street football wales has the resources to make the trip to Mexico the best it can be and more importantly, the return home as positive as possible. We want to capitalise on the confidence we've built up in our teams to provide a full programme of activity and support in the weeks and months following Mexico, propelling our players forward into better lives, rather than letting them crash back down to earth at a moment of such potential.

At present, we can't even look forward into 2019 with any certainty. It's up to us to secure our long term future, to keep doing what we've done for over a decade but we're asking you to support this remarkable squad, in the months ahead because we know that their lives can take a dramatic turn for the better if you do.

Together Stronger

We'll be out in Mexico doing Wales proud, you can watch all our matches online and share our journey. We want everybody back home to celebrate every win, lose or draw - but the only real victory will be giving our players a proper welcome home, to the structure and support they'll need to take charge of their futures. Let's show them we know what Together Stronger really means! C'mon Wales!




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Play match with Welsh Football & Celeb Team

You'll be entered into a draw to join a squad of 10 in a five a side match against a team of Welsh Football & Celebrity Legends in Cardiff Summer 2019.

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